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We take the time to review the Hypnos mattresses that are in our bed shop. There’s nothing quite like being able to give our customers the very best advice, having spent time getting to know our range of Hypnos mattresses and beds. This is why we encourage our team to spend 20 minutes to half an hour on each bed getting know how it feels. It’s important that our Hypnos mattress reviews are carried out in the morning when our team are fresh from a good nights sleep. What’s the point of reviewing a mattress in the afternoon when you’re feeling slightly tired and there’s a possibility that every mattress will feel comfortable.

Hypnos Mattress Review – Is a Hypnos Mattress Right For You?

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you probably have a lot of questions. Like, is a Hypnos mattress the right choice for you? What is the price? Do Hypnos beds have a warranty? What are the pros and cons of a Hypnos mattress? Is a Hypnos mattress good for back pain? What is a Hypnos mattress like to sleep on? What are the dimensions of a Hypnos mattress? What is the best firmness for a Hypnos mattress?

Hypnos are renowned for hand crafting luxurious mattresses and specialise in traditional pocket sprung mattresses with natural fillings. They became the first carbon neutral bed manufacturer in the world. A Hypnos mattress will never need to go to a landfill site. Hypnos mattresses and beds are fully recyclable. The natural fillings are al biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

They are also proud holders of a Royal Warrant, the only bed maker to actively supply all of the Royal residences. The Royal Warrant is for HM Queen Elizabeth II and covers the category - 'Bedding and upholstery manufacturers’.

Now if their sustainability policies and a Royal Warrant aren’t enough to convince you to treat yourself to a Hypnos mattress or bed, we hope our Hypnos mattress reviews will.

Follow the links below to read our honest reviews. Once you've read them you'll want to check out our Hypnos mattresses for sale.

Hypnos Pillow Top Mattresses

Hypnos Mattress Reviews | Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress

The Hypnos pillow top mattresses are ideal for side sleepers. These luxurious mattresses have a soft pillow top filled natural filling and an Adaptiv spring layer to help the pillow top retain loft and comfort.

Hypnos Alvescot Pillow Top Mattress review

Hypnos Saunderton Pillow Top Mattress review

Hypnos Walbury Pillow Top Mattress review

Hypnos Pillow Top Astral Mattress review

Hypnos Orthos Support Mattresses review

Hypnos Mattress Reviews | Hypnos Orthos Support Mattress

The Orthos support collection offers firmer mattresses which are available in a firm and extra firm tension. If you sleep on your back or stomach, you’ll love these mattresses. Even side sleepers will find comfort on the firm tension. The Orthocare mattresses are easycare no turn whereas the Orthos Elite mattresses are 2 sided and require regular turning.

Hypnos Orthocare 6 Mattress review

Hypnos Orthocare 8 Mattress review

Hypnos Orthocare 10 Mattress review

Hypnos Orthocare 12 Mattress review

Hypnos Orthos Elite Cashmere Mattress review

Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool Mattress review

Hypnos Origins Mattresses

Hypnos Mattress Reviews | Hypnos Origins Mattress

New to the Hypnos mattress collection, Origins is focused on sustainability using only the finest natural eco-friendly fillings. Origins mattresses feature ethically sourced Red Tractor certified British wool.

Hypnos Emberton Sublime Mattress review

Hypnos Seasons Turn Mattresses

Hypnos Mattress Reviews | Hypnos Seasons Turn Mattress

Hypnos Larkspur Seasons Turn Mattress review

Hypnos Magnolia Seasons Turn Mattress review

Hypnos Wisteria Seasons Turn Mattress review

Hypnos Adagio Mattresses

Hypnos Mattress Reviews | Hypnos Adagio Mattress

The Adagio collection provides the ultimate in luxury comfort and total body support.

Hypnos Adagio Mattress review

Hypnos Adagio Supreme Mattress review

Hypnos Adagio Sublime Mattress review

Hypnos Guest Beds

Hypnos Mattress Reviews | Hypnos Trio Guest Bed

One of the most versatile guest beds on the market with a choice of pocket sprung or open coil sprung mattresses.

Hypnos Trio Guest bed review

Hypnos Hideaway Bed

Hypnos Hideaway review

We hope these Hypnos mattress reviews have been helpful for you. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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