Silentnight Mattresses

Silentnight mattresses have built their highly-successful seven decades of bed manufacturing on one simple question: “what is the secret of a good night’s sleep?”. A question that many of us would like the answer to when we’re struggling to get to sleep on a Sunday night.

However, the answer is far simpler that you might have realised. All you need is a Silentnight mattress! After-all, there’s a reason why Silentnight have long been considered the UK’s favourite bed and mattress manufacturer.

Not only famous for their Hippo and Duck adverts, which have graced our televisions for many years. Silentnight are also famed for inventing the hugely popular Miracoil spring system that was developed to provide a no roll together sleep environment for couples. This mattress was so successful that Silentnight went on to develop and test more innovative mattress technologies, including the Mirapocket range that was launched in 2012.

Both Miracoil and Mirapocket were developed to provide sleepers with outstanding support, spinal alignment and comfort to provide the best night’s sleep possible. The unique roll-together technology also makes these mattresses perfect for couples, as if your partner moves around a lot in their sleep or gets up for the bathroom a lot in the night, you’re far less likely to get disturbed by them.

The Miracoil system is renowned for its interwoven springs, which are attached to a continuous length of wire. But, unlike most other open coil system mattresses, the Silentnight Miracoil mattress links the springs vertically, which offers a far firmer support for users.

The Mirapocket mattress also offers excellent support, however, this mattress also benefits from individual springs that are housed in individual fabric pockets. These pockets react independently to each other when weight is applied, which helps spread weight evenly across the mattress. This not only gives your body the support it needs, but also helps ensure you have the best comfort possible.

Always at the forefront of technology, Silentnight have also invested heavily in a product called Geltex, a breathable comfort layer. Known as the next generation of memory foam, Geltrex offers incredible breathability and, when combined with Silentnight’s Mirapocket and Miracoil technology, offer a better night’s sleep that you could ever dreamed of.

Whether it’s firm, medium or soft, there’s a Silentnight mattress for you.

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