Hypnos Headboards

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect Hypnos bed, you’re going to want to complete the finish. And what better way than adding a stylish Hypnos headboard for a designer look!

When it comes to our bedrooms, our bed is the centrepiece. The focal point at which our eyes instantly lock onto when you walk into the bedroom. The last thing you want is for guests or visitors to find your bedroom or guest room lacks in style or glamour. So remember you can have any Hypnos headboard upholstered to match a Hypnos divan base.

Which is what makes Hypnos such a versatile and impressive brand to shop with. Not only are you guaranteed to have a headboard that is of the upmost quality and guaranteed to last you for years to come, but Hypnos headboards are of the highest level of design – sure to make your room just the right level of style and drama to make any visitor impressed and jealous of your gorgeous room!

Plus, headboards are an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. Many people feel that in order to change the décor in your bedroom that you have to replace all your furniture, paint the walls and add new curtains or ornaments. However, just changing the colour or material of your headboard can seriously change the look and feel or your bedroom with little effort or expense.

No matter what bed you choose for your bedroom, there's a perfect Hypnos headboard for any sized bed or any look you crave for your bedroom. If it’s a sense of glamour and drama look at a euro wide floor standing headboard or a subtler approach a strutted headboard. With Hypnos you are guaranteed to get the bedroom of your dreams.

Whatever size your bed, there's a Hypnos headboard for you.

Are there different types of Hypnos headboards?

The Hypnos range of headboards offer a premium quality headboard to match our range of Hypnos beds. These stylish headboards are available in a range of colours and finishes to match the bed of your choice. Choose from a strutted headboard, bed fix headboard or floor standing headboard.

What are the sizes of Hypnos headboards?

Hypnos headboards are made in six standard UK bed sizes. Small single (75cm), single (90cm), small double (120cm), double (135cm), king size (150cm) and super king size (180cm). They are a truly bespoke manufacturer and will make any headboard to any size.

Can I choose the colour of my Hypnos headboards?

Hypnos upholstery fabrics are made to the highest quality. They’re strong, durable and easy to clean. They’ve been designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of a family home. Our Hypnos fabric library has a huge range of colours and designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect fabric for your home.

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