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Surrey Down

Surrey Down Pillows

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Having all the production of quilts and pillows under their own control, Surrey Down pillows can ensure the highest quality and standards of their quilts and pillows are maintained. Surrey Down pillows offer some of the best values in the natural pillow market.

Founded in 1988, Surrey Down is the UK branch of a highly successful German company that originally started trading in feathers in 1917. The development into manufacturing and supplying pillows and quilts was an effortless transition and they soon gained a reputation for top quality filled bedding products.

This family run business has a reputation as a manufacturer of exceptionally high quality natural filled pillows and duvets. The Surrey Down Home range offers exceptional value for money and has a wide variety of fillings, including goose down, goose feather & down, duck down and duck feather & down, something to suit every taste and pocket.

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