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Birlea Roll Up Mattresses

There's a great choice of Birlea mattresses for sale. They go under the name of SleepSoul mattresses

Not only can you buy a beautiful Birlea bed, they now supply a great range of SleepSoul mattresses that are the perfect accompaniment to their bed frames. Relax in comfort of memory foam and pocket springs.

SleepSoul mattresses, like other roll-up mattresses, offer several benefits that may appeal to certain customers. Here are some reasons why you might choose to buy a SleepSoul mattress:

Convenience in Delivery and Setup
Roll-up SleepSoul mattresses are compressed and rolled into a compact size for easier delivery and transportation. This makes them convenient for people who may need to navigate tight spaces or transport the mattress to upper floors.
Ease of Handling
The compressed and rolled design of SleepSoul mattresses makes them easy to handle during setup. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who may have difficulty maneuvering traditional mattresses.
Quick Expansion
Once unpacked, roll-up mattresses like SleepSoul typically expand to their full size relatively quickly. This allows users to use the mattress shortly after setup.
Variety of Options
SleepSoul, like other mattress brands, offers a variety of options in terms of firmness, materials, and mattress types. This variety allows consumers to choose a mattress that best suits their preferences and sleep needs. Memory foam, reflex foam or pocket sprung - you'll find a SleepSoul mattress that is ideal for you.
Roll-up mattresses can be cost-effective due to reduced shipping and storage expenses. SleepSoul roll-up mattresses, in particular, may be appealing to budget-conscious consumers.
Comfort and Support
SleepSoul mattresses are designed to provide comfort and support. Depending on the specific model, they may feature different materials such as memory foam, pocket springs, or a combination of both to enhance sleep quality.

And the great news is that these vacuum packed mattresses can be delivered free of charge on a next day service.

You can find your ideal roll up mattress in the SleepSoul range. Medium to firm they have something to suit all Birlea beds and they can be delivered on a next day service.

SleepSoul mattresses are comfortable well supported, no matter which position you sleep in, or what type of bed you use it in. They are as much at home of a divan base as they are on a bed frame. Once you've chosen the right perfect SleepSoul mattress they are so it will keep you supported for years to come that they have a 10 year warranty.

Have you ever wondered how you fit a Sleepsoul mattress in a box?

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View our range of SleepSoul mattresses for sale online today.