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Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Magnolia Seasons Turn

Summer is only round the corner and the sun is shining. Already people are preparing for those warmer nights when a fan or cooler is required to keep cool and to help get a good night’s sleep. Overheating can also be caused by the mattress you sleep on, which is why:

This week our Hypnos mattress review is the Magnolia Seasons Turn.

A mattress is something you use every day and is integral to having a good night’s sleep. With hundreds of mattresses on the market, it can be a daunting task to choose a mattress that fits your style. That's why we carry out our Hypnos mattress reviews. 

The reason I have decided to review the Hypnos Magnolia mattress is because it is part of the ‘Hypnos Season Turn Collection’. The Seasons Turn mattresses have a summer side and a winter side which we will get into with this review.

What's inside the Hypnos Magnolia Seasons Turn Mattress?

This 2 sided turnable Hypnos Magnolia Seasons Turn mattress comprises:

  • ReActive™ 6 turn pocket springs
  • Wool on the warmer side
  • Cotton on the cooler side

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Magnolia Seasons Turn Mattress

Hypnos Magnolia Seasons Turn mattress finishing touches:

  • Chemical free Belgian damask mattress cover
  • Hand tufted
  • 2 rows of hand side stitching
  • Flag stitched handles (4 on a single Hypnos mattress and 8 on a double Hypnos mattress and bigger)
  • 16 air vents on a double Hypnos mattress and bigger
  • The Magnolia Seasons Turn mattress is available in a medium tension. Although a medium tension mattress we think it is the firmest of the Seasons Turn Hypnos mattress collection.

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Magnolia Seasons Turn Mattress

Information on all the upholstery fillings and springs can be found on our Hypnos bed & mattress product information page.

First thing to mention is the Magnolia divan bed comes with all the same benefits that any other Hypnos bed has to offer. There’s 50+ great fabric choices to upholster your divan base in, any number of storage drawer combinations you could desire, an ottoman bed and the unique Hypnos hideaway bed. For me, storage is essential on any bed I buy. Having dead space under a bed is just not practical for me. Afterall who doesn’t need more storage space? It’s the perfect space to store spare duvets and pillows, bed linen or even shoes. And the great thing about a Hypnos storage divan is the standard drawers can handle up to 20kg. Upgrade to the Hypnos EasyStore divan base and these drawers hold up to 60kgs - Discontinued in September 2021.

Now to the Magnolia Seasons Turn mattress. In our showroom we have it paired with a sprung firm edge divan base, allowing this medium tension mattress to maximise its comfort. The benefit of the firm edge divan base is immediately apparent as I sit on the bed. The mattress depressed slightly but is supported by the timber frame in the divan base. After lying on it for a few minutes I feel that this mattress almost absorbs your body. It feels so comfy it’s hard to get up again. There’s a feeling of pure bliss, so I know this Hypnos mattress must be a winner as I am experiencing all of these feelings in the middle of our busy bed shop. The generous layers of upholstery provide great comfort and ensure there are no voids between my body and the mattress, in whichever position I lie in. This really could be my next bed. The sprung base allows airflow and helps heat to escape while the seasonal technology in the mattress plays a very important role. On the Summer side the cool cotton helps with temperature regulation and even in the showroom you can notice a neutral room temperature feel.

Flip the mattress over and you have the winter side. In Winter I’m like a hibernating bear. I like to be nice and warm in bed, without overheating. As I lie there, I can feel the layers of wool and alpaca are starting to hold that warmth which would make this a perfect Hypnos mattress for those cold Winter nights.

Which ever season is your favourite, the Magnolia Seasons Turn mattress has it covered, from the differing seasonal upholstery layers on each side to the individual pocket springs. The vents on the mattress create a ‘bellow like’ feature allowing warm air to be pushed out he mattress and fresh air sucked back in. This helps with a fresh sleeping surface and gives your mattress a better chance of longevity. Vents are used in all Hypnos mattresses I might add.

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Magnolia Seasons Turn Mattress

Which Hypnos divan base should I pair the Magnolia Seasons Turn mattress with?

For a gentler feel choose a Hypnos sprung divan base - recommended

  • Hypnos firm edge divan base

For a firmer more supportive feel choose a platform top divan base

  • Hypnos platform top divan base
  • Hypnos Hideaway bed
  • Hypnos ottoman bed
  • Hypnos EasyStore divan base - Discontinued in September 2021

Big Brand Beds Hypnos mattress review

Taking all things into account this bed really does punch above its weight for me. Paired with a Hypnos headboard, the Magnolia Seasons Turn bed will make a stunning centre piece in any bedroom. This is an extremely comfortable Hypnos bed and paired with a sprung firm edge divan base, this is one of the softer beds they make.

As there are several choices in this Hypnos mattress range you might ask:

What is the difference between the Hypnos mattresses in their Seasons Turn collection?

We’re going to dive into some of the features that each mattress has to offer and help you decide which one will be best for you. Below we compare the three different king size mattresses in this collection.



Magnolia Mattress


Larkspur Mattress


Wisteria Mattress


Seasonal turn mattressSeasonal turn mattressSeasonal turn mattress



ReActive™ 6-turn

pocket spring

ReActive™ 7-turn

pocket spring

ReActive™ 8-turn

pocket spring

Rows of

Hand side stitching

2 rows

of genuine hand side-stitching

2 rows

of genuine hand side-stitching

3 rows

of genuine hand side-stitching



CottonCotton & SilkCotton & Bamboo



WoolWool & CashmereWool & Alpaca

Comfort level 1-9

(9 being the firmest)

Medium FeelMedium FeelMedium Feel

Comfort on a Hypnos

Sprung divan base


Comfort on a Hypnos

Platform top divan base


Mattress Cover

M:Pure™ damask coverM:Pure™ damask coverM:Pure™ damask cover

Flag stitched Handles


Air Vents


Woollen Tufts



100% Recyclable100% Recyclable100% Recyclable


10 years10 years10 years

Why should I buy a Hypnos mattress?

This video should leave you in no doubt that a Hypnos mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the world

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The X Section shown is indicative of, not the actual of the Magnolia Seasons Turn mattress.