Hypnos Divan Beds

Hypnos divan beds are without doubt among the very finest available today.

To be clear, a Hypnos divan bed is the same as a Hypnos bed, just two ways of expressing the same thing. For many of us, growing up we dreamed of living like Royalty. Well, with a Hypnos bed, you can live like a member of the royal family. Hypnos beds are the proud holders of a Royal Warrant, meaning that Hypnos are the preferred bed and mattress of the Queen and other members of the UK’s Royal Family. And there’s little doubt why, just one night’s sleep on one of these luxurious Hypnos beds and you’ll understand exactly why Hypnos hold a Royal Warrant.

The quality is so high and the comfort so great that Hypnos give a 10-year guarantee with all their beds and mattresses. But don't take our word for it, check out the Hypnos mattress reviews. We always like to review Hypnos mattresses that we display in our bed shop.

Are there different types of Hypnos divan bed?

Hypnos mattresses are now paired with either a platform top divan base which provides additional support or firm edge sprung divan base for a gentler feel.

What are the sizes of Hypnos divan beds?

Hypnos beds are made in six standard UK bed sizes. Small single (75cm), single (90cm), small double (120cm), double (135cm), king size (150cm) and super king size (180cm). There is also a king size and a super king size zip and link option. Hypnos beds are a truly bespoke product and will make a bed or mattress to any size our customers require. Emperor size beds (215cm x 215cm) are common place. Whether you need a bed that is a little bit wider or a mattress that’s a little bit longer, Hypnos can help. Contact us for more information.

Do Hypnos divan beds have storage?

All Hypnos beds have storage options with a choice of 2, 4 or continental drawers. Or there's the Hypnos ottoman beds. For those that require maximum storage, there’s the Hideaway base. These storage beds are particularly good for families, as they provide adequate hidden storage options for toys and clothes. To put it bluntly, there's a mass of Hypnos beds for sale.

What are continental drawers on a Hypnos divan bed?

Continental drawers are smaller drawers at the head end of the divan bed allowing the drawer to be opened in front of a bedside cabinet.

Can I choose the colour of my Hypnos divan bed?

Hypnos offer a huge range of fabrics for you to choose from. Whether it’s a luxurious velvet or a linen weave, you can create a stunning and unique look for your bed. And don’t forgot, they do a fabulous range of matching Hypnos headboards

If you've already got a divan base then look at our collection of Hypnos mattresses for sale.

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