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Premier Inn Mattress Review

Since Hypnos no longer have the contract to make the Premier Inn mattress we have sourced a new mattress that is very similar in look and feel.

The Relyon Prescott mattress is a 1000 pocket mattress with a pillow top layer that is as close in look and feel to the one that Hypnos made. We are confident enough to say that if you enjoyed sleeping on the old Hypnos pillow top mattress, you will love the Relyon Prescott mattress. Visit our showroom to try it today.

Relyon Prescott Mattress

On our travels to visit our buying offices in Solihull we often stay at one of the local Premier Inns. Not only do they offer outstanding value, but their beds are extremely comfort. And with all the hype surrounding the Premier Inn mattress we decided that:

This week it's the Premier Inn Mattress Review.

If you’re looking for the best mattress to buy, you will most likely have to visit a mattress showroom to find the one that you are most comfortable with. There are many different mattress types available today, and each one is designed to provide you with the best possible sleep. When you visit a mattress showroom, you will be able to find the mattress that is made for you. Alternatively you might have visited a hotel and found your dream mattress. This is a senario many of our customers find themselves in. After a good nights's sleep at a Premier Inn, they want the mattress. Knowing that it's made by Hypnos, as a major stockist, we are a logical point of contact.

After a long day at the bed show trying out the latest Sealy, Dunlopillo, Relyon and Hypnos beds and mattresses the Premier Inn is always a very welcome stop over. Afterall you get to sleep on a Hypnos bed and the foods not too bad either.

Like many people I never sleep well unless I am in my own bed. There are very few hotels I do sleep well in. Infact there are only a handful that come to mind. Last year we stayed at Babington House, which is part of the Soho Group of Hotels for a friend’s big birthday. After a really good night’s sleep I checked out the bed to see I had been sleeping on a Hypnos mattress. After a visit to the theatre in the west end we stayed at the Strand Palace Hotel which has recently been refurbed with luxurious Hypnos pocket sprung mattresses. A trip to Murrayfield to watch the rugby a couple of years ago was followed by a night at the Holiday which revealed another Hypnos mattress. And then there is the Premier Inn. All the comfort of the afore mentioned but at a fraction of the price.

What mattress does Premier Inn use?

A common question asked is: Which Hypnos mattress do hotels use?

 The mattress that is used by Premier Inn is a medium comfort Hypnos pillow top mattress with 1000 individual pocket springs in the king size mattress upholstered with a layer of wool. The mattress cover is hypoallergenic and tufted to hold the upholstery in place.

There is good support when sitting on the side of the bed, but once you lie down the pillow top kicks in. Comfort wise it is on the firmer side of medium. It is extremely comfortable for a side sleeper like me yet gave enough support when I rolled onto my back.

We have a very similar pillow top mattress in our bed shop which is slightly softer. The contract specification of a hotel mattress is slightly different to the domestic market as a hotel mattress has to try and cater for all. The Premier Inn hotel mattress has less upholstery and firm wire butterfly side supports to help stop the sides collapsing under too much weight. The sides are mock side stitched, unlike the two rows of genuine hand side stitching on the domestic mattress.

Premier Inn Mattress Review

Customers do ask us ‘Can you buy the Premier Inn mattress?’

As of 30 December 20222 the answer is no. Premier Inn are no longer using Hypnos mattresses so Hypnos have stopped making them. 

Alternatively you can buy our range of Hypnos pillow top mattresses and beds online or in our showroom. A big benefit of buying our Hypnos pillow top mattress or bed is the choice of sizes, storage options, divan base options, upholstery and that it comes with a 10-year guarantee, unlike the hotel mattress which has a 5 year guarantee.

We are also asked ‘Is there a Premier Inn mattress topper?’

The answer is no there isn’t a Premier Inn mattress topper. The Premier Inn mattress is a pillow top mattress that gives the effect of having a topper. It is an integral part of the mattress. Unfortunately, you can’t refurb your existing mattress and hope it will feel like the one in the hotel. You will have to invest in a new one.

Premier Inn Mattress Review

Big Brand Beds Premier Inn Mattress Review

If you are looking for a little extra comfort in your bedroom, Premier Inn's Hypnos pillow top mattress will provide just that. It is without doubt one of the best mattresses you will sleep on when staying in a UK hotel. No wonder Sir Lenworth George Henry looked so comfortable in all those TV advert.

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Updated 22.10.23