Hypnos Mattresses

Hypnos are renowned for hand crafting some of the finest mattresses for sale.

The first thing you should know is that all Hypnos mattresses are luxury mattresses. Hypnos do not make budget mattresses. They make only the highest quality mattresses. A Hypnos mattress is designed for comfort, support, and longevity. If you want to consider a Hypnos mattress, you should be aware that it is a premium mattress and the delivery time will reflect this.

And with over 100 years creating spectacular mattresses and the owners of a well-earned Royal Warrant, it’s little wonder that Hypnos are one of the most popular mattress manufacturing brands in the UK. Indeed, Big Brand Beds believe they have the right to claim to make some of the most comfortable beds in the world. Just one night sleeping on any of the Hypnos mattresses and you will never want to sleep on any brand of mattress ever again. But don't take our word for it, check out the Hypnos mattress reviews. We like to review Hypnos mattresses that are in our bed shop. And what's more we've often got some great offers, particularly on a Hypnos king size mattress.

Hypnos mattresses are handmade to order so, true, you might have to wait a little longer to receive your new mattress over other leading brands, but trust us, all Hypnos mattresses are well worth the extra wait. Hypnos are so sure about the quality and comfort of their mattresses that every one comes with an impressive 10-year guarantee.

Hypnos and their dedication to comfort, has meant that the company has dedicated themselves to not only using traditional and time-honoured skills to create their bespoke mattresses, but also have a devoted research and development team, who are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to make their mattresses even more high-quality and comfortable.

Hypnos are renowned for their skills at making deep pocket sprung mattresses, which are developed to give their customers both comfort and incredible support to our bodies. Hypnos pillow top mattresses are a favourite of hotels around the country. We are frequently asked for the Hypnos mattress with topper when customers have enjoyed a comforable nights sleep in a hotel. Sleeping on Hypnos mattresses not only guarantees the best quality of sleep, but the intelligent design ensures you won’t suffer from the aches and pains that a bad mattress can cause. There’s a level of support available for every person.

Environmentally sound, Hypnos use a mix of natural and sustainable materials in every mattress that they create. Some mattresses even use naturally-sourced latex that has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, perfect for people who suffer from allergies.

Sometimes we are asked: Are Hypnos mattresses worth the money? Our answer....you bet they are. The next question is: What is the best hypnos mattress? We can't tell you which is the best Hypnos mattress as each person is different. However we do recommend that you visit our bed shop and try them and find the best Hypnos mattress for you.

All you need to do to enjoy your new Hypnos mattress is choose from their great choice of springs, mattress tensions and natural fillings. Then simply wait for your spectacular new mattress to arrive at your door. One thing we would advise is to check your divan base or bed frame before placing a new mattress on it. It could be that it is old and failing and you need a new Hypnos divan base.


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