Hypnos Bed & Mattress Product Information

Hypnos Mattresses

The Hypnos difference, pressure-relieving pocket springs with built-in ‘memory’ and ‘active turns’. A Hypnos mattress will either have a ReActive pocket spring or a UltraSens pocket spring. However, unlike other manufacturers who quote spring counts, you will never know how many springs are in a Hypnos king size mattress. More springs doesn't mean a better mattress and can therefore be misleading.

Intuitive Active Turns

The more active turns in a single continuous pocket spring the greater its ability to sense the exact comfort and support requirement of you and your partner, seamlessly and smoothly spreading vertical downward pressure.

A single continuous pocket spring also creates a ‘bellows-like’ affect that drives cool air around the mattress and facilitates greater hygiene. This extra breathability ensures better ventilation, helping to reduce moisture and maintain a comfortable body temperature for a healthy, relaxing and energising night’s sleep.

Hypnos Ultrasens SpringUltraSens Pocket Springs

The patented UltraSens™ pocket spring has been uniquely designed to provide unparalleled support, resilience and comfort. Our intelligent ‘3-in-1’ UltraSens™ pocket spring is a progressive pocket spring that uniquely and smoothly reacts to vertical downward pressure allowing each of the three integrated tiers of active turns to collectively engage and provide dynamically controlled rebound and deep progressive support.

This ultra pressure sensitive ‘all-in-one system’ intuitively and independently senses the weight, pressure and contours of both you and your partner. UltraSens™ pocket springs work in harmony with sumptuous soft fillings to maximise the contact area between your body and the sleeping surface, evenly distributing your weight for total body support, maximising pressure relief and comfort, ensuring complete relaxation.

The tightly twisted soft-top-tier of the pocket spring initially caresses and hugs every inch of your body, ensuring that your body delicately sinks into the soft breathable surface fillings of the mattress, providing sumptuous softness and comfort, guaranteeing total body contact with the entire sleeping surface.

The tightly twisted soft-bottom-tier of the spring provides extra deep ultra-sensing comfort, allowing all movements and adjustments to body position to seamlessly take place without disturbing your partner.

The UltraSens™ spring anticipates and recognises the continued vertical downward pressure, allowing the firmer strength of the muscular-central-tier of the spring, with its wider spaced active turns, to engage and provide total spine and body support.

The result is whichever Hypnos mattress you choose will result in a truly rejuvenating and memorable night’s sleep.

Hypnos - Discover the Secret of a Great Night's Sleep

A Hypnos pocket spring bed has been designed to immediately recognise your body's unique imprint, providing pressure relief, comfort and support exactly where you need it, seamlessly adjusting to your every move.

Hypnos Divan BasesHypnos Bed Bases

As all Hypnos beds are crafted to the customers exact requirements, the base options are many to include deep and shallow divans, with or without storage options and beds on legs.

Solid Top Bases

Give firmer feel and contain no springs

Firm Edge Bases

These bases have either pocket or open coil springs covering the sleeping area, but with a firm timber edge

Hypnos Beds with Storage

All divans can be supplied with hidden storage options. From traditional drawers, hideaway divan where the storage space is hidden behind a beautifully upholstered valance to super storage ottoman bases.

Zip Linked Beds

The divans are discretely linked at the head and foot of the divan with a chrome link bar, and the mattresses are zipped together along their full length. Whilst zipping Pillow Top mattresses is discouraged as there would be an excessive gap where the mattresses join, this could be done, providing the customer accepts full responsibility for this format.

Hypnos Collections

All our Hypnos beds and mattresses come with a 10 Year Guarantee and are 100% Recyclable

Hypnos Pillow Top Mattresses & Beds

Hypnos Pillow Top Collection

The Hypnos Pillow Top range of divans and mattresses offer a softer cushioned surface to the mattress. Generous amounts of fillings in the pillow top provide additional comfort and a high loft appearance to the mattress. Three of the models also incorporate mini springs within the pillow top to help the mattresses retain loft. Featuring 37.5® Technology and ReActive™ pocket springs, these hypo allergenic, no turn Hypnos mattresses are traditionally hand crafted using only the finest natural fillings. You will find Hypnos pillow top mattresses in many leading hotels in the UK. It might help explain why our customers often ask for the Hypnos mattress with topper.


Cotton is breathable, durable and provides a cool feel.


Wool is one of the most popular natural upholstery materials used in mattresses due to its ability to absorb and wick away moisture and provide a hygienic sleeping environment.

Natural Talalay Latex

Talalay latex is one of the most durable and resilient natural materials you will find. Benefiting from breathability and supreme softness, latex is one of the most healthy mattress upholstery options available.

Adaptiv™ Comfort Springs

Hypnos's patented mini spring system ensures the pillow top retains loft.


Solotex provides loft and cushioning within the pillow top.

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Hypnos Orthos Support Mattresses & Bed

Hypnos Orthos Support Mattress

The Hypnos Orthos Elite Support range of beds and mattresses offer greater support with a firmer feel. The Orthos Elite range of 4 two sided turnable Hypnos mattresses and the Orthocare range of 4 no turn mattresses are the perfect solution if you require comfort with firm support. High quality damask mattress covers are chemical free and provide a fresh sleep surface. The Orthos Support mattresses have ReActive™ pocket springs and are all available in a firm or extra firm tension and are upholstered with high quality natural fillings.


Alpaca is one of the softest high quality natural mattress fillings used. Hypoallergenic and great at wicking away moisture, Alpaca is the perfect top comfort layer on a mattress.


Cashmere is a high end natural filling that is softer than lambswool. It adds loft to a mattress. Like many natural fibres, cashmere has the ability to wick away moisture and keep you dry and cool.


Cotton is breathable and helps remove moisture. It is particularly durable and provides a soft cool feel.


Silk is extremely soft and wonderful at trapping body heat when cold or drawing it away when warm.


Wool is inherently flame retardent and excellent at regulating your body temperature. Its ability to absorb and wick away excess moisture provides a hygienic sleeping environment.


Solotex provides loft and cushioning within the pillow top.

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Caring for your new Hypnos Bed or Mattress

Carefully looking after your Hypnos mattress and bed will ensure years of trouble free sleeping

Protect Your Investment

By taking care of your bed in your waking hours, you can be confident that your bed will continue to take care of you while you sleep.

Mattress Protection

We always recommend the use of a mattress protector to help look after your bed

Expect Body Impressions

Slight body impressions appearing in the sleeping surface of your Hypnos mattress are normal. They’re caused by the layers of fillings compacting under your body weight. Rotating and turning the mattress as described below will help minimise the issue.

Rotating and Turning Your Mattress

Most Hypnos mattresses require turning. Rotating end-to-end periodically will also help even settlement on both sides of the mattress. It is recommended to turn and rotate your mattress once a week during the first 3 months and thereafter every 3 months.

  • In the case of 'No Turn' mattresses it is sufficient to simply rotate the mattress every 3 months to ensure equal wear and tear.
  • Hypnos mattresses can be heavy. Make sure someone helps you when turning and rotating it.
  • In the case of zip and link mattresses, unfasten them before turning or rotating.

Airing Your Mattress

Give your mattress a good airing on a weekly basis. Remove the bed linen for a couple hours and allow air to circulate around and through the mattress.


Clean your bed every other month with a soft brush. We recommend you avoid using a vacuum cleaner as this may unduly disturb the upholstery fillings.
Stains and spills should be dealt with immediately using dry towels or paper towels. Never use detergents or chemical cleaners as this may bleach or disintegrate the fabric.

Handling Your Mattress

Do not fold or roll your Hypnos mattress, even for a short period of time. It is designed for use only in a flat position. The only exceptions are sofa bed and adjustable bed mattresses. Always store your mattress in a flat position.

Mattress Usage

Avoid regularly sitting on the edge of your bed in the same position for long periods. This will ensure the shape and support around the perimeter is maintained.
Please do not stand on your bed or allow it to be used as a trampoline!

Hypnos Pillow Top Mattresses


Hypnos pillow top mattresses will show more signs of settlement initially so following rotation instructions is critical.


When rotating the pillow top should be ‘dressed’. This means pulling the edges out and down to stretch the top panel.
Rotation guide – Rotate weekly head to toe for the first three months and monthly thereafter.
Pillow top mattresses are designed to be single sided so you should turn them from head to foot only.
Mattress handles are to aid turning and rotating, a mattress should not be lifted by handles alone.


The nature of the Hypnos pillow top design means the mattress surface will have deeper body impressions as the mattress settles, this is expected and will not affect your comfort.


If a ridge forms in the centre, this is the north south divide which forms because the centre of the mattress is not being used. This is normal for pillow top mattresses.

Super king size (6’0) and king size Hypnos mattresses (5’0) will show signs of settlement more so than a smaller size mattress. This is because there is a wider area in the centre of the mattress that doesn’t get used and the fillings don’t become compacted.