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Silentnight Divan Beds

Silentnight are one of the most loved bed brands in the UK. After-all they have been manufacturing in Lancashire since 1946 – that’s 70 years and counting!

But what makes Silentnight such a successful brand? Well it all comes down to customer satisfaction. Silentnight are renowned for their incredible beds and mattresses, that have led to the brand being listed as the most trusted bed maker in the UK. Indeed, Silentnight are so popular that they’re considered a “superbrand” and household name, with many people being so loyal to the brand that they wouldn’t consider any other bed maker.

Creating numerous and innovative mattresses over the years, Silentnight have a dedicated science department that are constantly testing and developing new materials and technology aimed at giving their customers the best night’s sleep possible. Their beds and mattresses look to keep our spines aligned as we sleep, ensuring that our bodies don’t suffer from the aches and pains associated with sleeping on a poor mattress. Most notably, their trademark Miracoil and Mirapocket mattresses benefit from Silentnight’s unique no roll together technology, which is perfect for partners, as the mattress will not dip down in the middle after a few years use – where you end up rolling together to the middle of the mattress unwillingly.

Yet it’s not just innovation and brand satisfaction that make Silentnight such a perfect choice for consumers. Silentnight are also an incredibly ethical and environmentally-friendly brand – which means if you want to watch your carbon footprint they should be your bed of choice. All the materials used in their manufacturing process are ethically sourced. Even better, Silentnight have made a social guarantee that all employees associated with their manufacturing process work in the safest environments and are paid fairly.

Silentnight beds come in a variety of sizes and styles, to ensure there is bed to suit every customer. Divans come with various storage options, including drawers and ottomans, which provide adequate amounts of hidden storage. Perfect for families! You can even choose for your new bed to be upholstered in the fabric colour of your choice, allowing you to create the bedroom of your dreams. Then just top it all off with the matching headboard.

You’re guaranteed to sleep well on a Silentnight bed, knowing they are the UK’s most trusted bed brand.

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Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe 1200 Divan Bed

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Silentnight Gemini Pocket 1200 Divan Bed

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Silentnight Venus Latex 1400 Divan Bed

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