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Silentnight Divan Beds

Silentnight are one of the most loved bed brands in the UK.

Silentnight divan beds come in a variety of sizes and styles, to ensure there is divan bed to suit every customer. And there’s a great range of Silentnight headboards that can be upholstered to match your new divan bed.

What is a Silentnight divan bed?

Perhaps we should start with: What is a divan? The word divan stems from Asia. The dictionary definition is ‘a long, cushioned seat, usually without arms or back, placed against a wall, as in Asian countries.’ Over a period of time, in the UK it has been recognised as a bed consisting of a base and mattress but no footboard or headboard. A Silentnight divan bed comprises a timber framed base that is upholstered and paired with a mattress. A divan base is the same size as the mattress.

Are there different types Silentnight divan bed?

Silentnight divan beds all have what is know as a platform top / padded top. This is a solid board top that provides extra support to the mattress. They no longer offer a sprung divan.

What size divan beds do Silentnight make?

Silentnight divan beds are made in the five standard UK bed sizes. Single (90cm), small double (120cm), double (135cm), king size (150cm) and super king size (180cm)

Do Silentnight divan beds have storage?

All Silentnight divan beds have storage options with a choice of 2, 4 or continental drawers. For maximum storage look for the Silentnight ottoman beds.

What are continental drawers on a divan bed?

Continental drawers are smaller drawers at the head end of the divan bed allowing the drawer to be opened in front of a bedside cabinet. They do not have as much storage capacity as a large drawer but are more easily accessible.

Can I choose the colour of my Silentnight divan bed?

Yes you can. There’s a great choice of fabrics to upholster your Silentnight divan bed in with matching headboards available.

You’re guaranteed to sleep well on a Silentnight bed, knowing they are the UK’s most trusted bed brand.

View our range of Silentnight divan beds for sale online today.