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Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe

The Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe mattress has been discontinued and has been replaced by the Hypnos Orthocare Classic mattress. You can read the review for the Hypnos Orthocare Classic mattress here.

Hypnos Orthocare Classic Mattress

Here at Big Brand Beds, we’re dedicated to helping you make the best mattress purchase possible. From design to delivery, we’re here to help you make an informed decision that will help you sleep soundly for years to come. This is why we go into so much depth with our Hypnos mattress reviews.

If you need a new mattress and are looking at purchasing your mattress from our showroom or online, we are here to make sure that you get the right mattress for you, your body, and your needs. Buying a mattress online can be a very difficult process which is why we take such care when writing our mattress reviews. There are a lot of options to choose from, and it can be hard to know what mattress is right for you. This is why we are here to help. We want to make sure that you choose the right mattress.

This week our Hypnos mattress review is the Orthocare Deluxe.

We have a king size Orthocare Deluxe mattress on display paired with a platform top divan base.

The first thing that strikes me with the new Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe mattress is how good it looks. We were a bit concerned when Hypnos announced changes to the popular Orthocare mattresses, but on first look they don’t disappoint. The mattress is covered in a luxurious chemical free unbleached cotton and linen fabric that has a subtle stripe. This sleep surface is designed to help keep you cool and dry. This responsibly sourced mattress cover is naturally flame retardant and feels soft to the touch. Hypnos are members of the Better Cotton Initiative, investing in making cotton production more sustainable. The cotton in this mattress cover is sourced via the Better Cotton Initiative mass balance system.

The Orthocare Deluxe provides supportive comfort for the body, with a deep layer of wool, organic cotton and flax to naturally help keep sleepers cool and comfortable at night.

What's inside the Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe Mattress?

This no turn Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe mattress comprises:

  • 660g 100% Britsh Wool
  • Organic Cotton and Flax
  • eOlus™ recycled fibre
  • ReActive™ 6 turn pocket springs
  • eOlus™ recycled fibre

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe Mattress

Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe mattress finishing touches:

  • Chemical free unbleached cotton and linen sleep surface
  • Hand tufted
  • 2 rows of side stitching
  • 4 Flag stitched handles
  • 4 air vents
  • The Orthocare Deluxe mattress is available in a firm tension

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe Mattress

Information on all the upholstery fillings and springs can be found on our Hypnos bed & mattress product information page.

Sitting on the bed, the mattress feels quite supportive. The border of the mattress which has 2 rows of side stitching holds its shape reasonably well. As I lie on my back I am slightly surprised at the feel of the mattress. With the support afforded by the mattress when I sat on it, I was expecting a firmer feel. You can immediately feel the deep layer of British wool upholstery which is traceable to Red Tractor assured farms and bought through the Woolkeepers® initiative. The ReActive™ 6-turn pocket springs provide the support, making this an extremely comfortable firm mattress.

Moving around is easy and I find the mattress is extremely comfortable when lying on my side. The wool upholstery provides cushioning for the main pressure points on my body – shoulders, hips and ankles. What surprises me even more is how comfortable I feel when lying on my stomach. I thought the Orthocare Deluxe mattress might be too firm. But once again the supportive spring unit is more than generously cushioned by the wool.

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe Mattress

Which Hypnos divan base should I pair the Orthocare Deluxe mattress with?

For a firmer more supportive feel choose a platform top divan base

  • Hypnos platform top divan base
  • Hypnos Hideaway bed - pictured above
  • Hypnos ottoman bed

The Orthocare Deluxe mattress is naturally paired with a platform top divan base. However:

For a gentler feel choose a Hypnos sprung divan base

  • Hypnos firm edge divan base

The deep divan has further finishing touches which include a great choice of storage drawers. They can also be custom made to your specification, higher, lower, longer, shorter or wider. Hypnos beds are a truly bespoke option. Hypnos have a great fabric library and offer a huge range of fabrics for you to choose from. Whether it’s a luxurious velvet or a linen weave, you can create a stunning and unique look for your bed.

Choosing the right headboard. With so many options, choosing the right headboard can be tricky but it is also a very important choice. The headboard will be an integral part of your bedroom furniture and the design and fabric you choose will be a big factor in how your bedroom feels. Hypnos Headboards are available in a huge variety of styles and designs, fabrics, colours and sizes. From traditional headboards to contemporary upholstered designs there is a Hypnos headboard for every taste. And don’t forget that all Hypnos beds and mattresses come with a full 10 year guarantee.

Hypnos mattress review

If you're looking for an ortho mattress that is extremely comfortable and suites all types of sleepers, the Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe will take some beating.

We hope this mattress review has been helpful for you. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

As there are several choices in this Hypnos mattress range you might ask:

What is the difference between the Hypnos mattresses in their Orthocare collection?

Our mattress comparison chart is a great way to compare the Orthocare mattress features, and find the mattress that is right for you. Compare the features of the different mattress models, and find the one that suits you. There are four different king size mattresses in this collection. Use the table below to find out more about each one.


Hypnos Orthocare Deluxe Mattress

Hypnos Orthocare Supreme Mattress

Hypnos Orthocare Sublime Mattress

Hypnos Orthocare Sublime Mattress


No turn mattressNo turn mattressNo turn mattressNo turn mattress



1000 ReActive™ 6-turn

pocket spring

1200 ReActive™ 7-turn

pocket spring

1400 ReActive™ 8-turn

pocket spring

1400 ReActive™ 8-turn

pocket spring

Rows of

Hand side stitching

2 rows of 


2 rows of


2 rows of


2 rows of




660g Wool

Cotton & Flax & eOlus™

2100g Wool, Bamboo,

Cotton & Flax & eOlus™

3000g Wool, Tencel, Bamboo,

Cotton & Flax & eOlus™

3000g Wool, Tencel, Bamboo,

Cotton & Flax & eOlus™



FirmFirmFirmExtra Firm

Comfort level 1-9

(9 being the firmest)

Based on the Firm FeelBased on the Firm FeelBased on the Firm FeelBased on the Extra Firm Feel

Comfort on a Hypnos

Platform top divan base


Mattress Cover

Chemical free cotton and linenChemical free cotton and linenChemical free cotton and linenChemical free cotton and linen

Flag stitched Handles


Air Vents


Woollen Tufts



100% Recyclable100% Recyclable100% Recyclable100% Recyclable


10 years10 years10 years10 years

Why should I buy a Hypnos mattress?

This video should leave you in no doubt that a Hypnos mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the world

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