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I’d love a penny for every time a customer has come to our store and said they have a queen sized bed. We then have to tell them that this is an American size. However it is close to our king size bed.

Here we reveal the different sizes. In the States they have twin, full, queen and king beds and mattresses. There are a few other speciality sizes, the most popular being the California king. In the UK our standard bed sizes are single, double, king size and super king size. Small single beds and small double beds have become more common, but we're going to focus on the 4 standard sizes. So what’s the difference?

Single Bed

Our standard UK single bed is 3’0” x 6’3”. In the States it’s referred to as a twin bed and measures 3’2” x 6’2”.

Double Bed

A UK double is 4’6” x 6’3”. This is called full in America and measures 4’6” x 6’2”

King Size Bed

Our king sized bed measures 5’0” x 6’6”. This is the closest to the American queen which is 5’0” x 6’8”.

Super King Size Bed

The UK super king size bed measures 6’0” x 6’6”. An American king is 6’4” x 6’8”. The California king is extra long and is 6’0” x 7’0”.

US bed sizes

We can then add to this list our small single at 2’6” x 6’3” and small double at 4’0” x 6’3”. The other fairly standard option is a zip and linked divan and mattress. These are generally made up of 2’6” or 3’0” beds which are 6’6” long.

So now you know the sizes, check out our great range of beds and mattresses online at