national bed MonthThe key tip is to interact with the salesperson, whether it is in the showroom, on the phone or via email.

The salesperson should lead you, but make sure you ask plenty of questions to help them identify your specific needs. Key questions the salesperson should ask which will help in identifying the perfect bed choice for you should include.

  • Do you prefer a firm bed or a soft bed?
  • Do you suffer with a bead back or other aches and pains?
  • Do you get hot in bed?
  • Do you suffer from lost sleep caused by partner disturbance?

Remember bigger is better in terms of buying mattresses and beds. The biggest cause of lost sleep is the close proximity of your sleeping partner; Body heat and movement being the prime causes. Therefore, the more room you have the more restful night’s sleep you will have. A simple way to test whether there is enough room is to lie on the bed on your back with your hands behind your head. If your elbows touch, the big is likely to be too small.

Many suppliers such as Hypnos, Sealy and Silentnight free offer upgrades during sale periods from a double to a kingsize, so buying bigger doesn’t have to be more expensive. And if you’ve got the space a super kingsize is the ultimate in luxury. Remember to make sure a large bed will fit in your room, leaving adequate space to open doors, chests of drawers and wardrobes.

These are the types of questions that will help you identify the key benefits that you are looking for in your new bed. Remember the best bed is the one you find most comfortable and if your needs have been identified at the outset you should be able to find the perfect bed.

We appreciate that many customers are embarrassed at the thought of lying on a bed in the middle of a showroom. This is the only way that the perfect bed can be matched with your needs and expectations. Try before you buy is the golden rule when it comes to beds and mattresses.

When trying any bed, always remove coats and jackets so you can get a real feel for it. If you need extra pillows, ask for them. Always use the same amount of pillows as you do at home. Don’t be afraid to move around and lye in the positions you sleep in, however strange they may be.

Only by trying the bed will you be able to judge if it is the correct one for you. Tell the salesperson how it feels; is it too firm or soft? If it’s not right, there will be an alternative which will.

And finally, take your time.