Sealy Passmore Mattress Sealy Passmore Mattress
Sealy Passmore Mattress
Sealy Passmore Mattress
Sealy Passmore Mattress
Sealy Passmore Mattress


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Sealy Passmore

  • The Sealy Passmore mattress features Sealy’s patented AlignSupport® springs that provide genuine support to sleepers of all weights. It truly is a mattress for heavy people
  • AlignSupport® is a cleverly designed springs work to sense your body's shape and then provide you with deep down, consistent support that is tailored specifically to you.
  • Generous layers of medium and firm foam to ensure the best possible nights sleep
  • UniCased® edge support provides edge to edge support allowing use of the whole sleep surface
  • A foam ComfortCore™ is positioned in the centre third of the mattress to provide additional pressire relief to the hips and lower back
  • The soft touch mattress cover features SmarTex® fabrics to help keep you cool and ProShield® which helps keep allergens at bay
  • The mattress is underpinned by a baseplank with multiple air channels which provides the ultimate support, another great feature for heavy people.
  • The Sealy Passmore is an easy care no need to turn quilted mattress
  • If you want a firmer feel try the Sealy Chadwick or the Sealy Riley mattress, both of which are suitable for heavy people

Sealy Mattress Review

This is a great mattress for a heavy person. At last a UK manufacturer has produced a comfortable mattress for heavy people. In the past they have all been extra firm and not necessarily comfortable. The Sealy Passmore mattress has changed this. Follow this link for the full Passmore mattress review

Product specification

Mattress Depth
31cm / 12.25"
Mattress Type
Standard Sprung
Mattress Trim
As Illustrated
+ Show guarantee & more
Made in Britain
Price Match
Free Delivery
AIS Gold 2017
NBF Approved
7 Year Guarantee

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