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How to prepare for your bed delivery

Please consider the following before buying a bed or mattress and in particular a bigger bed such as a super king size mattress or bed. We can also experience access issues when delivering floor standing headboards.

Part of the service we offer to our customers who buy a divan bed and mattress is to deliver to the room of their choice and set the bed up for them. In order to do this, we need to make certain there is suitable access. Unfortunately the staircase pictured is not representative of the vaste majority of homes we deliver to.

Before we make a delivery, it is important to make sure the access is clear and any valuables, ornaments, pictures etc that might get damaged are removed. Make sure the delivery path is clear of any obstacles on the floor. It’s also important to keep your loved ones locked away. By that we mean our 4-legged friends. Dogs and cats love to lend a paw and we don’t want to trip over them.

Access to our customers property is not generally an issue. However, when, on the odd occasion there is an issue, it generally starts when we get to the stairs.

StairsIs there enough headroom on the staircase?

The first issue encountered is normally is there enough headroom? Headroom is the vertical distance from the lowest point of the ceiling to the stair. This is often low in older houses. Current building regulations insist on a clearance of a minimum of 200cm.

Is there enough clearance on the staircase?

It is also important to check the height of the ceiling to the stairs with the measurement taken from a right angle on the ceiling to the stair. This measurement is helpful as a super king size mattress will need to be taken up on its side and need 180cm minimum clearance to avoid any bending.

Does the staircase have any bends?

Often a staircase will have an intermediate landing. This is the platform on the stairs where they change direction. A quarter landing is where a 90° change in direction is made. These are generally found at the bottom or towards the top of a staircase. A half landing is where a 180° change in direction is made.

Another issue to consider is are there any particularly high bannisters that might impede the delivery?

Hallways & Corridors

It’s always worth checking any tight turns. Some corridors narrow and bedroom doors are fitted leaving little room to manoeuvre a bed or mattress.


In the case of delivery to a block of flats, we need to know if there is a suitably sized lift to take your bed and mattress. If not please let us know how many flights of stairs our delivery team will have to negotiate.

Checking all the above will ensure a smooth and seamless delivery of your new divan bed and mattress.

Please remember that suitable access to your bedroom is your responsibility, and if we are unable to make delivery to your room of choice, we will have to leave it in another room for you.

For those with limited access


We have a good range of bed frames that are delivered flat packed and require assembly. If you really want a divan bed, we can order a Hypnos bed that has had the base quartered. They offer a truly bespoke service and can make a bed to pretty much any size. However, you will need to remember that you still have to get your mattress delivered as well and although they have an element of give, we do not recommend bending them to gain access.


Roll up mattresses are the answer, and we have a great selection of Breasley, Relyon and SleepSoul mattresses which are available on a next day delivery service. If you’re looking at a super king size mattress you can get a zipped Hypnos mattress or Relyon mattress. This is effectively 2 single mattresses zipped together.

Please remember that suitable access is the responsibility of the customer. In the unlikely event of us not being able to make a delivery to the room of your choice, your bed will be left at your home for you to complete the delivery.

If you have any problems or doubts about your delivery, please contact us as we deal in solutions.

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