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Sealy Announces Campaign to Reverse Worker Sleep Deficit

29 January 2018

We all know that feeling of exhaustion in the morning when our alarm goes off, yet you feel like you only shut your eyes a couple of minutes ago. You literally have to drag yourself out of your bed and get ready for work. You may even make yourself a victim of your snooze alarm, where you press the snooze button so often, you end up getting up far too late to be on time.

Hopefully this morning drag is something you experience very rarely, but, according to new research commissioned by bed manufacturer Sealy, as many as 70% of workers in the UK regularly go to work feeling exhausted. Something that leads not only to a lack of productivity in the workplace, but can also lead to tension/arguments due to grumpiness caused by lack of sleep and may, most worryingly lead to safety concerns due to tiredness.

Here is a full list of the negative impacts Sealy found a lack of sleep affected employees in the UK:

  • 70% of employees felt they would function better at work if they had a better night’s sleep.
  • 77% of employees fail to get the sleep they need to feel healthy and happy.
  • 65% of employees regularly lose their temper with co-workers. Short-temperedness is a well-documented side-effect of a lack of sleep.
  • 30% of employees regularly suffer from a lack of productivity in the workplace.
  • 19% of employees admit to being late or even taking time off work due to over-tiredness.
  • 11% of employees have suffered an injury at work that they say occurred due to being tired.
  • 1 in 25 of us even admit to falling asleep during work hours.

During the research, the professions found to be most likely to wake up exhausted were found to be:

  • 86% of hospitality staff
  • 79% of those who work in the banking and finance industry
  • 77% of construction workers
  • 76% of retail staff
  • 76% of transport and communications workers

Sealy were so shocked and appalled at the results of their research that they have decided to work with a leading HR consulting form – Kate Russell of Russell HR Consulting – in order to raise awareness of sleep deprivation in the workplace. To do this, the firm and Sealy have worked together to create a ‘Common Sense’ guide that will be given to bosses across the UK, advising how they can encourage better sleep health amongst their employees.

Improving sleep wellness in the workplace should be common sense for employers – not just for safety concerns – but encouraging your staff to ensure that they are taking the appropriate measures to sleep better at night could actually equate to a better workforce. Your employees will be sharper-minded, less prone to arguments and less likely to have an accident in the workplace cause be over-tiredness.

It’s not just Sealy who are actively trying to improve sleep health in the UK, since Sealy have launched their campaign, the likes of Selfridges, Nike and the NHS have all shown interest in raising awareness of the importance of sleep in the workplace. You can find out more about Sealy’s campaign on their website.

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Sealy Beds & Mattress Update

21 September 2017

Sealy Divan BedsSealy as the World’s No.1 Bed Brand, Sealy uphold a level of excellence by delivering an extensive range of beds and mattresses that are engineered around a simple premise: that quality of sleep is every bit as important as quantity of sleep. Through the intertwinement of the most advanced technological developments and state-of-the-art design, Sealy lead the way in product innovation.

possess an array of endorsements, such as Allergy UK, Interiors Monthly, Which? Best Buy, and the prestigious BCA (British Chiropractic Association). They are the only bedding manufacturer in the UK to have a working relationship with the BCA.

Premiered at the show will be the new Sealy Naturals Collection. A range of four new Pocket Sprung Sealy beds that combine the best of the old and the best of the new. Described as “Natural Comfort with 21st century technology” the mattresses have both high quality natural fillings and the advanced technical benefits of a Sealy mattress such as their patented Unicase Spring Surround and Smart Fibres for a Cool, Fresh, Dry and Hypoallergenic sleeping environment.

Also launched will be Sealy’s new Posturepedic Premium range. This consists of three Sealy mattresses with variable comfort levels that combine Geltex (their patented Gel Infused Foam) with 1,000 pocket springs…a luxuriously comfortable range of beds at highly competitive price points.

That plus all the key best sellers from their Pocket and Hybrid ranges as well as another chance to see the new range of Sealy Dreamworld models that were so successfully launched at the Spring Show. This includes the Which? Best Buy Messina Latex Pocket 1400 bed (pictured).

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Sealy Announce Partnership with Cumbrian Rugby Star

15 September 2017

If there’s one thing Sealy know for sure, it’s that a good night’s sleep is integral to our performance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a rising sports star or a stay-at-home mum looking for the energy to get you through a challenging day, the best way to make sure you’re prepared for the day ahead is through getting the best sleep possible.

Which is exactly why Sealy have dedicated over a century to developing and producing the best in mattresses to help ensure everyone has the best chance at that good night’s sleep.

Sealy mattress for Rob MillersAs part of Sealy’s determination to show the world the importance of sleeping well, Sealy have maintained their World of Sport campaign where the company has supplied up-and-coming athletes with high-quality mattresses to help make their sporting dreams come true. Currently on the roster are such sports stars as Frank Bruni, Linford Christie, Burnley FC and Phil Tufnell.

By sponsoring these sports stars, Sealy hopes to highlight to everyone that a good night’s sleep is integral to our performance – whether mentally or physically. Not only that, but a good sleep has been known to help soothe tired muscles, heal injuries and ensuring our brains can focus enough to train. All-in-all, Sealy want people to be the very best version of themselves.

The latest sports star to team up with Sealy is Cumbrian rugby union star, Rob Miller who plays for the Aviva Premiership team, Wasps. This sponsorship from Sealy will aim to help the 28-year-old further excel in his performance and training. Which is particularly important when you consider the incredibly tough training program that rugby players go through every season in order to keep at the tip of their game.

In fact, Miller has to endure an exceptionally tough training regime with grueling practices between games every week and involve more than just practice with the ball on-field, but Miller also has an intense program of weights, cardio and mobility work to ensure he is at his peak. With few rest days in-between training, having a good mattress that promotes a better sleep is fundamental to both his physical and mental health.

Although Miller was a strong sleeper before he received his Sealy mattress, this is hardly surprising, as after training as intense as Miller’s, you’re likely to feel tired. However, just because we get to sleep okay, doesn’t mean that the quality of our sleep is good. Just think, how often have we got 8 hours of sleep a night, yet still woke the next morning feeling tired or unrested. If you get this feeling often, then it’s highly likely that you need a new mattress.

You may even believe that your sleep is okay, until you receive that new mattress. Sealy hope that will his new mattress Miller may be surprised at just how refreshed and ready to go he feels after a good night’s sleep,

On his sponsorship with Sealy, Miller said: “As a sportsperson, sleep and recovery is vital to my performance. Having a Sealy bed gives me the best chance to get quality sleep, allowing me to train and play at a higher intensity throughout the season.”

Sealy Brand Marketing Manager, Holly Housby, said on the sponsorship: “With an intense season ahead, it is incredibly important for Rob to make sure he is fully rested, focused and able to stay in peak condition for the challenges ahead. In light of this, Sealy UK has gifted Rob with a brand-new bed to ensure that he stays on top of his game.

We’re extremely pleased to be supporting Rob as part of our World of Sport campaign. We’re working with a number of high profile athletes, across a variety of sports, and Rob is the perfect ambassador. He has worked incredibly hard this year and sleep is now more important than ever. He’s a fantastic inspiration and we’re delighted to be working together!”

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Sealy Sponsors Cumbrian Paralympian for 2017

15 June 2017

As the world’s favourite mattress brand, Sealy are seen as the Olympic champions of the bed world.

So, it’s no surprise that this 100-year old company is so keen to sponsor some of the world’s greatest athletes too. After-all, we all know that a champion performance – whether for an Olympian or just a regular person in their day-to-day lives – is linked to the quality of sleep we get at night. A good night’s sleep helps us heal from injuries, soothes our bodies and restores our brain so we are both physically and mentally prepared for the trials we might face the next day.

Sealy has dedicated themselves to promoting the absolute importance of a deep sleep through their World of Sport campaign, a campaign that wants to supply everyone the perfect Sealy mattress to ensure their best night’s sleep so that person can become the most successful version of themselves.

Sealy Sponsor ParalympianCurrently, the World of Sleep campaign includes athletes such as Matt Hopper, Phil Tufnell, Linford Christie and Frank Bruno as well as teams such as Burnley FC. Now, the latest athlete to join Sealy’s group of superstars is Paralympian Simon Lawson, who finished 14th in last year’s Rio T54 marathon. He has also recently come second in the Great North Run and completed marathons in London and Boston with impressive times at the end of last year. Indeed, his Boston time was an incredibly impressive 1 hour 25 minutes and 6 seconds.

The 34-year-old, who hails from Sealy’s home county of Cumbria, is coached by the famed Ian Thompson who has also coached Paralympic athlete Tani Grey-Thompson (who he is also married). His latest regime has included a strength program as well as prepping for warmer climates with practice sessions in Portugal. He has also been working on an improved sleep regime in partnership with Sealy before his upcoming races.

These upcoming races include the Westminster 10K in July, the Great North Run again, Berlin Marathon and then off to America for the Chicago and New York marathon in October/November. So, you can imagine, with such intense training and races in the diary, a proper sleep schedule and mattress is imperative. Which is exactly why Sealy have gifted Lawson a new mattress to ensure he gets the best sleep.

On the sponsorship, Lawson said: “My Sealy mattress ensures I achieve a great night’s sleep every night due to its comfort and support. I’d even go as far as to say that it helps me train at my very best. I’d urge any blossoming athletes to never dismiss rest and sleep as it plays a massive part towards sporting success. If you haven’t recovered from training the day before, you simply cannot perform to your potential which lowers your training capabilities throughout the day.”

Holly Housby, Sealy Brand Marketing Manager, said: “We’re extremely pleased to be supporting Simon as part of our World of Sport campaign. We’re working with a number of high profile athletes, across a variety of sports, and Simon is the perfect ambassador. He has worked incredibly hard this year and sleep is now more important than ever. He’s a fantastic inspiration and we’re delighted to be working together!”

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Sealy UK Announce their Support for Local Triathlete

1 June 2017

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. Not only does it keep us feeling rested and fresh, but it also gives our bodies and minds time to rest and restore, ready for the next day. Which is incredibly important if we live busy lives.

It makes sense then, that getting a good night’s sleep is essential in an athlete’s training schedule too. Not only will a good quality sleep help to repair any damaged muscles or injuries from training, it will also help these athletes get enough rest for their minds so that they can be focused and ready to work at the best of their ability. Something essential before a game or competition!

Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa Divan BedWhich is exactly why Sealy UK, who are a bed manufacturer based in Cumbria, have created their own Sealy’s World of Sport campaign. Endorsed by athletes such as the Wigan Warriors, boxer Frank Bruno MB and British Olympic 200 metre sprinter Margaret Adeoye, the campaign was created to highlight the important link between a quality sleep and excelling in sport.

And now Sealy have announced the latest athlete to enter their sporting endorsement – local triathlete Rachel Vatter, who the bedding company hope to support as she embarks on her sporting career. The 19-year-old competes across the globe in one of the most challenging, both physically and mentally, athletic disciplines, triathlons.

A triathlon consists of three endurance tests that take place directly after each other, usually consisting of running, cycling and swimming. The distances of these races vary from competition to competition, however, for the Olympic triathlon the race consists of a 1,500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run. Which needs an exceptional level of fitness and strength to endure as well as lots of training. Vatter herself runs, cycles and swims around nine times a week in order to keep at an Olympic level.

Yet Vatter doesn’t just train full-time, she also balances her athletics alongside studying for a degree in Engineering at Loughborough University. Of course, all the stresses of being a student and training means that the young athlete has found that she has suffered from sleeping issues in the past. This lack of sleep negatively impacted her sporting performance.

These sleeping issues will now be a thing of the past though – as Sealy have kindly gifted Vatter with a top-of-the-range Sealy Posturepedic Memory Support Mattress, which will help ease the back pain she has from training and allow her to get the best possible sleep. Something that will help her in both her athletic performance and in her studies.

On receiving the new mattress, Rachel Vatter said:

“I would, without hesitation, tell anyone competing in sport that a good night’s sleep is a crucial factor if you want to maximise your training and performance. Sleep is a crucial time to let your body recover, and therefore shouldn’t be compromised. My Sealy mattress is incredibly supportive and comfortable, and now plays an important role in helping me achieve my best.”

Now armed with her new Sealy mattress, it’s exciting to see how well the young athlete will do over the next few years and at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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New look Sealy Posturepedic to be unveiled at Brooklands show

18 May 2017

We arrived at Brooklands Motor Museum in Surrey in the pouring rain. Having spent a couple of hours in the morning assembling the new Silentnight beds that had arrived in our showroom, we were delighted to be offered a light lunch and refreshments.

As always, the show highlights the range that Sealy will be promoting at the Telford Bed Show later in the year. It gives them an opportunity to showcase their new offering to their main customers and get feedback.

Sealy Bed Show BrooklandsThe Sealy Natural Collection

The Natural Collection is a new range of 3 natural filled pocket sprung beds, two of which have luxurious pillow tops. They have a very different look with the mattresses being upholstered in cream, beige and brown. At the time of writing there are likely to be slight changes to this once the beds go into production. They are also extremely comfortable. We look forward to trying them again at Telford in September.

The Sealy Posturepedic Collection

The Sealy Posturepedic Collection was relaunched with a few minor changes to the current range. The thought being that 3 mattresses in each range would simplify things and give better overall choice to the consumer.

Sealy Electric Ottoman

The electric ottoman base has been a show piece at the last couple of shows, but it really is a great product that will be gracing our showroom soon. It’s inclusion in our showroom opens the ottoman storage option to a whole lot more customers through its ease of use.

Sealy Contract Beds

Sealy have a range of contract mattresses and beds that are supplied to many leading hotels and corporations including Cunard, Hyatt, Savoy, Malmaison and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. All Sealy contract mattresses are compliant to Source / Crib 5 and are treated with Bug Shield to help eradicate bed bugs.

By 3pm the rain had stopped and we were able to drive home in the dry after another successful trip to Brooklands.

Overall, we were very pleased with what we had seen. Sealy’s attempt to simplify their offer whilst increasing it is going to be a winner.

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Sealy Beds & Mattress - News Update

13 October 2016

Sealy is the biggest bed brand in the world. Sealy beds and mattresses are sold in over 70 countries.

They are arguably the most endorsed bed brand in the UK, holding the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, winners of the Interiors Monthly Best Bed Manufacturer of the Year, having top scoring Which? Best Buy mattresses, as well as being the only bed manufacturer in the UK who are working in partnership with the British Chiropractic Association.

Sealy are the official sleep partner for Harlequins Rugby Club and Burnley FC. They have supplied beds to many leading sportsman across the country.

The best selling Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 has yet again been voted as the best in class by Which?. They refer to this as "the best mattress that we have tested in years"

At this show they will be unveiling the new improved Hybrid Collection and we will be the first to see them.

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Sealy Beds & Mattresses – What’s new for 2016?

19 April 2016

Most people will not be aware that Sealy is the biggest bed brand in the world, sold in over seventy countries. They also spend more on research and development than any other manufacturer.

Sealy are also arguably the most endorsed bed brand in the UK, holding the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, winners of the Interiors Monthly Best Bed Manufacturer of the Year (for the last 5 years) as well as being the only bed manufacturer in the UK who are working in partnership with the BCA (British Chiropractic Association).

Sealy are the official sleep partner for the Harlequins Rugby Union Club and Burnley Football Club. I can hear those that don’t support these teams shouting ‘probably the reason why they are such poor teams! Ha-ha. They have also supplied beds to England and Liverpool footballer Danny Ings, Tottenham’s Kieron Trippier, Gold Medal Olympic weightlifting prospect Zoe Smith and former World Heavyweight boxing champions Frank Bruno and David Haye.

They have introduced a new Hybrid Coolflex and Hybrid Ultraflex divan and mattress and a new electrically operated full length ottoman base.

Sealy are proud to have two prestigious Which? Best Buys, the 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa mattress (pictured) and the Messina Pocket 1400, the latter of which was referred to by Which? as “the best mattress that we have tested in years”

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Sealy Beds & Mattresses at the AIS Autumn Bed Show

7 September 2015

Sealy the world’s biggest bed brand have continued to further improve and develop their product ranges.

Following on from the highly successful introduction of the ground breaking Hybrid collection they are now showcasing further new innovative product ranges at the AIS show.

New Sealy mattresses include a 2200 Pocket profile, a new addition to the current profile collection, the all new Sapphire Anniversary collection to celebrate 65 years of Sealy Posturepedic. The Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 (pictured), another Which? Best Buy accredited mattress will be on show to accompany the highly successful Which? Best Buy Genoa Pocket.

As always Sealy continue to go from strength to strength in terms of product innovation and Which? Best Buy awards.

With the new additions, some old favourites have to go. 31st October is the last day for ordering the Diamond Latex Superior, Diamond Celebration, Diamond Backcare, Cameo Pocket 2600 and the Erika, Grace and Juliet mattresses before they are discontinued.

We're sure to have a couple of bargains to clear during October. Make sure you keep an eye on bigbrandbeds.co.uk to bag a cheap Sealy bed. You'll have to act fast though as there will only be a few on offer.

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Sealy does it again in the latest Which? Sealy mattress review

3 August 2015

Sealy receives another Which? Best buy award for the Messina 1400, which was the highest scoring mattress in the latest review.

Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 Divan BedJust when Sealy thought things couldn’t get any better, they just did. The Sealy Genoa 1200 Pocket Spring Mattress had already achieved Which? Best Buy status in 2015 for a 3rd year running. Now, in their latest review of mattresses they said the Sealy Messina 1400 was “the best mattress we’ve tested in years”. Now that’s what we call a recommendation!

Neil Robinson, Sealy’s Marketing Director commented “To achieve one Which? Award is great and a tribute to the Company’s commitment to being at the cutting edge of sleep technology to bring consumers the very best solution to getting a good night’s sleep. However, to receive 2 Awards in the same year, is simply amazing and everyone at Sealy is absolutely delighted. A Which? accreditation is trusted by the consumer as objective, trustworthy and hugely important when it comes to making major buying decisions and is recognised everywhere by the public”

Key points in the review said “The Sealy Messina 1400 is one of the most durable mattresses they had tested. It’ll still be in great condition and able to support your body well even after years of use. Unlike some mattresses, it doesn’t sag or become less firm over time. The breathable material should also help you avoid getting sweaty during the night.”

Other comments included “It’s very easy to turn over on the mattress and it’s stable enough that you won’t disturb your partner when you do”. “It’s a mattress that will serve you well for many years”

Sealy are now preparing themselves for a huge intake of new orders for both of these models.

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Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa Mattress Awarded Which? Best Buy

16 July 2015

The Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa Mattress Awarded Which? Best Buy in the June 2015 tests.

Which? mattress tests simulate about 10 years normal use. They disregard the price of the mattress a % score is awarded. A score of 69% and above earns Which? Best Buy status.

The Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa Mattress scored 69% and and has held the accolade since 2013

Don't get confused, the Napoli 1200 is also know as the Nostromo 1400 and the 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa.

Sealy Which Best Buy

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Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 Mattress Awarded Which? Best Buy

18 June 2015

The Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 Mattress ia awarded a Which? Best Buy in the June 2015 tests.

Which? rigorously test there mattresses to the equivalent use of 10 years. Ignoring the retail price of the mattress a score is awarded. A score of 69% and above earns Which? Best Buy status.

The Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 Mattress scored 77% and was "the best mattress we've tested in years."

Don't get confused, the Pocket Teramo 1400 is also know as the Nostromo 1400 and the Messina 1400.

Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 Mattress Which? Award

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Sealy Beds & Mattresses at Brooklands Motor Museum

13 May 2015

No peace for the wicked. After spending the day in Cambridge at Myers, it was off to Surrey to the Brooklands Motor Museum to see the new range of Sealy beds and mattresses.

Sealy bed display at BrooklandsSealy are leaders in bed and sleep innovation so it was great to see the new and prototype models that will form the core of the Pocket Profile Collection and the Ortho Collection. Sealy are leaders in bed and sleep innovation so it was great to see the new and prototype models that will form the core of the Pocket Profile Collection and the Ortho Collection. Several of the beds on show at this soft launch will not make it to the main Telford Bed Show in September. This show is a very useful way for Sealy to gauge retailers’ reactions to the new offerings.

Ottoman Storage Base

They have also introduced a new ottoman storage base. This has a north / south opening configuration, which makes it easier to access stored items.

Hybrid Gel Beds

Sealy have invested significantly in their hybrid gel beds. This is cutting-edge technology for our industry and they have introduced some radical new designs. The new Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Collection, is their newest and most advanced sleep system ever.

Ortho Beds

We particularly liked the new ortho beds, which are extremely firm. The Sealy Ortho Backcare Excel is sure to be a winner with those wanting an extra firm feel. It is also suitable for larger people.

Pocket Sprung Beds

The Pocket Profile 1400 and the Pocket Contour Support caught our eye. They were both extremely comfortable beds and can be upholstered in a mocha or caramel fabric.

As with all Sealy beds, the new range comes with a wide choice of storage options, from drawers to the new ottoman base.

As always, we came away we lots of ideas for our showroom.

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Sealy Beds & Mattresses - What’s new for 2015?

15 April 2015

Most people will be aware that Sealy is the biggest bed brand in world; sold in over fifty countries and spending more on research and development than any other manufacturer.

They are also arguably the most endorsed bed brand in the UK, holding the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, winners of the Interiors Monthly Best Bed Manufacturer of the Year and endorsed on a Global scale by the Orthopedic Advisory Board of the USA.

Sealy also hold the Which? Best Buy for Pocket Sprung mattresses (an accolade that they have held since 2013) and have recently confirmed that they are working in partnership with the British Chiropractic Association on the next generation of orthopaedically correct mattresses.

Sealy are the official bed suppliers to both Burnley Football Club and Harlequins Rugby Union Club, as well as a raft of major athletes and sporting icons.

The Show will see a variety of recent launches, including their ground breaking Hybrid range, made with Geltex and Adaptive, that have helped see sales surge in 2014 as well as the revised "Core Posturepedic" range of high loft beds, originally unveiled at the Autumn 2014 AIS Show.

Being spoiled for choice, Sealy will also be unveiling numerous new lines for the very first time at this show. These will include the new AIS Exclusive Ortho Backcare Excel, a firm yet incredibly comfortable mattress that uses the brand new PostureTech ZD spring system.

The innovative, ergonomically correct Profile range (that does not need to be rotated or turned) will also benefit from a Pocket version, the Profile Pocket 1400 to sit alongside the two existing PostureTech models.

Finally, Sealy will be launching their new "Head to Toe" full length Ottoman with patented easy open and close functions. This we look forward to seeing as ottoman bases are growing in popularity.

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Sealy Bed & Mattress Range Update

16 September 2014

Sealy, the world’s biggest bed brand, have been especially busy in the last 12 months. The ground breaking Hybrid range with Geltex has proven to be one of the most successful product launches they have had for many years.

Sealy will be building on this success with two new top end models, the Hybrid Crown Pocket 3600 and the Hybrid Crown Pocket 4200. These beds take the collection to an even higher level of luxury and comfort, but with the Posturepedic support of the rest of the range. The new Sealy Dreamworld Willow Geltex is the first model outside of the Hybrid Collection to feature this revolutionary new material.

They will also be unveiling another first to market offer with the Profile Contour Support which is the most ergonomically correct mattress yet. This mattress does exactly what is says, profiling the body from head to toe, with the first mattress ever that does not need to be turned or rotated. In extensive sleep trial, this bed has proven to be hugely popular.

To complement this, there are 4 brand new Sealy Dreamworld models being launched with even higher mattress lofts and improved styling.

If they are anything like the beds they will replace, the Alder Memory Deluxe, the Rowen Posture Zone 7 and the Spruce Posture Zone 7 are sure to be winners.

This does mean that the Polaris Memory Luxury, Meridian Posture Zone 7, Lily Posture Zone 7, Equinox Posture Zone 5, Amersham Pocket 2200, 1400 Pocket Gold Siena, 1400 Pocket Ortho Milano, and th Ascot Platinum will all be discontinued on 30 November 2014.

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Sealy Beds 2 Year Guarantee for Big Brand Beds Customers

4 August 2014

There is another great reason to buy a Sealy bed from Big Brand Beds. Sealy now give all our customers an extra 1 year guarantee. Now you get a 2 year Guarantee, plus an 8 year Warranty on all Sealy beds bought from us. Previously, the Guarantee was 1 year, plus 9 year warranty which still stands for other retailers.

Sealy’s bed guarantee means that for the first 2 years our customers will either receive a repair or replacement, free of charge in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect in material or workmanship.

Thereafter the warranty will kick in for a further 8 years. The charge will reflect how old the bed is and will be based on the current retail price. There will also be a delivery charge made for any replacements during the warranty period.

Guarantee & Warranty Scale showing the percentage Sealy contribute to a new bed

  • Year 1 - 100%
  • Year 2 - 100%
  • Year 3 - 80%
  • Year 4 - 70%
  • Year 5 - 60%
  • Year 6 - 50%
  • Year 7 - 40%
  • Year 8 - 30%
  • Year 9 - 20%
  • Year 10 - 10%

With the added comfort of an extra years guarantee why not treat your to a new Sealy posturepedic bed today.

There’s also good news to if you buy a Sealy mattress on its own. There is now an additional 4 year warranty period to add to the 1 year guarantee period. All Sealy require is that you don’t use the mattress on an existing sprung base, or a base with slats that are more than 7.5cm apart or a damaged or unsupportive base. To be honest you wouldn’t want to put your new mattress on a defective base anyway.

Guarantee & Warranty Scale showing the percentage Sealy contribute to a new mattress only

  • Year 1 - 100%
  • Year 2 - 80%
  • Year 3 - 60%
  • Year 4 - 40%
  • Year 5 - 20%

Our Sealy posturepedic mattress collection can be viewed by following the link.

Full details of the Sealy Guarantee & Warranty

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Sealy Bed & Mattress Show at Brooklands

13 May 2014

Sealy continue to hold their Spring Bed Show in the Clubhouse Exhibition Suite at Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey. Great news for us as we are based in Sussex!

Sealy Bed Show at BrooklandsThe Sealy sales team were there in force, showing off their new beds and mattresses that will be available to us in September. The show is a bit of a prelaunch to the Bed Show at Telford in September.

The Hybrid collection, a unique fusion of geltex and springs featured strongly. The Geltex range of beds and mattresses feature unparalleled breathability, perfect pressure relief, optimal body support and adaptive, the perfect environment for cool, dry sleep. Geltex is gel infused foam that has all the pressure relieving properties of memory foam. As an open cell structure it provides greater breathability allowing the body temperature to dissipate quickly. This makes for a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

Enhancements to the pocket sprung collection include a new 2800 spring unit. Obviously, the 1200 Silver Pocket Napoli, which won the Which? Mattresses best buy in June 2013 continues.

The Ortho range which Sealy are best known for has been given a makeover. By using a zero deflection spring system, these beds provide a very firm sleeping surface. And don’t forget, they are ideal for the larger person.

Two new promotional Sealy beds will be available under the Ruby name. These are to celebrate Sealy’s 40th Anniversary of bed making in the UK. They offer great value with a double with 4 drawers selling for £499.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until September before any of these models are available.

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What's new at Sealy

30 April 2014

Sealy, the biggest bed brand in the world, have unveiled their latest refinements to their best selling Hybrid Collection. The rest of the collection remains pretty much the same due to its success.

Launched originally by Sealy Inc in the US several years ago, the collection includes both Geltex and Adaptive, the “next generation” phase change temperature control material.

Hybrid has been the most successful range launch for Sealy Inc in over a decade and has been an equally unparalleled success for Sealy UK since its initial launch at the Autumn AIS show.

The Sealy Hybrid bed and mattress collection is only available from stockists and not over the internet.

There is only one new bed being added to the range, the Dreamworld Lily Posture Zone 7 divan and mattress. It has a luxurious pillowtop filled with foam and soft polyester giving a lovely soft feel on a supportive spring unit.

The range has been so successful that there are only two beds that are being discontinued at the end of May. These are the Eclipse and Backcare Superior.

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