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Dunlopillo Bed and Mattress product information

The Natural way to sleep. Dunlopillo has made natural latex the key ingredient of their famous pillows and mattresses. A Dunlopillo mattress will hold its shape year in, year out, providing the flexible support back specialists dream about, so you can forget about broken springs, lumps and bumps in your bed!

Silently conforming to your contours and cradling every curve of your body, a Dunlopillo mattress will ensure a perfect sleeping posture. Whichever position you sleep in? you’ll enjoy a healthy night’s sleep for many years to come.

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep, especially with the pressures of modern day living. Sleep fulfills a vital role in recharging our batteries and keeping us healthy. Yet surprisingly few people relate the quality of sleep to the condition of their beds. When faced with backache or sleeplessness, a prescription from the doctor is a far more likely response than a visit to a bed retailer. Most of us spend a third of our lives in bed, yet rarely do we give much thought to the bed itself. After ten years, even a good bed will have deteriorated steadily through nearly 30,000 hours of wear and tear.

The key ingredient of every Dunlopillo Mattress is Latex

Dunlopillo Latex is the ultimate elastic material with an arrangement of uniform sized, interconnecting and open cells. Our complex and highly specialised manufacturing process results in the world’s most luxurious latex mattresses and pillows.

The benefits of a Dunlopillo bed

Resilient, long lasting support. Conforms perfectly to your body’s contours for superb comfort and back support. Aerated, well-ventilated interior dissipates body moisture, keeping the mattress fresh and dry.

Latex is hypo-allergenic and its anti-microbial properties inhibit bacteria, fungi and house dust mites – so it can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory problems.

A latex Dunlopillo mattress do not need to be turned as there are little or no subsidiary fillings to settle or pack down.

Silent in use with nothing in the mattress to squeak or creak.

Independent support means you can move freely without disturbing your partner.

Choice of comfort options, styles, sizes and storage variations.

Dunlopillo is an internationally well-known and respected name you can trust, with a reputation for quality established over 75 years.

And don’t forget, every Dunlopillo bed comes with a full 8-year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship.

Enhanced Moisture Management Technology

Soft touch cover with Actipro™ technology. Actipro™ technology is used in our mattress fabric to eliminate unwanted allergens, reduce bacteria and unpleasant odours, helping to maintain a welcoming and refreshing sleep environment.

All you need to know about a Dunlopillo mattress & bed

We have written an article All you need to know about Dunlopillo mattresses & beds which will give you even more information.

Dunlopillo Sleep Science

Dunlopillo Sleep Science has enabled us to create a range of pure latex mattresses which are the perfect foundation to a restful and relaxing sleep, with 7 Comfort zones. Learn more from this informative video.

Frequently Asked Questions

You spend about one third of your life in bed, so it’s vitally important that the one you choose is right for you. To help you make your decision, we’ll try to answer some of the most common queries we receive.

Q. Does the base make a difference to the feel of my Dunlopillo mattress?

A. The base of a bed plays a vitally important role in the performance and longevity of any mattress. Dunlopillo has developed a range of bases specially designed to complement latex, a Firm Edge Pocket divan base, and a Sprung Timber divan base (slatted), along with the latest Electrically Adjustable Sprung Timber divans, Placing a mattress on a Sprung Timber divan will result in a much firmer feel than placing it on either a Firm Edge Pocket divan.

Q. Can I use a Dunlopillo mattress on a bedstead with rigid, non-flexible slats?

A. Yes, provided the following criteria are met. We recommend spaces of 25mm - 63mm (1" - 21/2" approx.) between slats no wider than 63mm (21/2" approx.). You should not use a solid plywood or hardwood base, as condensation will build up on the underside of the mattress due to lack of ventilation.

Q. Can I use an electric blanket with my Dunlopillo mattress?

A. Yes, provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q. Can a latex mattress make you uncomfortably warm in bed?

A. A Dunlopillo mattress will conform so well to your body’s contours that it may provide a greater degree of insulation than your old mattress. However, Dunlopillo latex is aerated and dissipates heat and body moisture and is unlikely to be warmer in use than any other top quality mattress. Indeed, Dunlopillo  mattresses are used all over the world and are popular in countries with considerably warmer climates than the UK.

Q. What guarantee does Dunlopillo offer on its beds?

A. We offer a full eight-year guarantee against faulty material or poor workmanship. For full details please look for the care card that will be attached to your new mattress.

Q. What is the best mattress to choose if I have a bad back?

A. It is often mistakenly thought that you should buy the firmest mattress available. You should actually try the different combinations of mattress and base and choose the one that provides the most comfortable support for you.

Q. Do I need to turn my mattress?

A. A Dunlopillo mattress is a genuine ‘no turn’ product and is designed to be used on one side only. However, you can turn it from head to toe to more evenly distribute the wear and tear.

Q. What is the difference between the tufted mattress finish and the quilted mattress finish?

A. With a Dunlopillo mattress the difference is more cosmetic than functional. Some people prefer the smoother,flatter surface of the quilted type compared to the more undulating tufted version. For example, the overall support of the quilted mattress and the tufted mattress is much the same.

Q. Are some people allergic to latex?

A. A very small percentage of people do have an allergic response to proteins in natural latex. It is triggered by direct skin contact with rubber products such as surgical gloves and condoms. In the manufacture of a Dunlopillo mattress or pillow, the process of blending, foaming, washing and drying reduces the likelihood of proteins remaining in our products to negligible proportions. And, of course, all our mattresses and pillows are supplied covered.


All Dunlopillo divan sets comply fully with British Standard BS7177; 1996 for domestic use (low hazard). Materials used in all mattresses, divans, headboards and pillows also meet the requirements of the 1988 Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) regulations.

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Dunlopillo Bed & Mattress Brochure 2017

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Dunlopillo Adjustable Bed Remote Control Guide 2016

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Dunlopillo Bed Assembly Instructions 2016

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Caring for your new Dunlopillo Mattress or Bed

Having bought a Dunlopillo product it's worth taking care of it to ensure it gives you years of comfort and support. Carefully looking after your bed will ensure years of trouble free sleeping.

Getting used to your new bed

When first unpacked the your Dunlopillo mattress may give off a characteristic new smell. This is completely harmless and disappears after a short period of use.

If your new bed feels a little strange during its first few nights remember that your old bed had probably seen good service, and that something new will clearly feel different. With some of our mattresses you may find it feels a little firmer than anticipated to begin with; this will correct itself within the first few weeks of use as the interior relaxes and the initial stiffness is removed.

Using a suitable base

The best base for a Dunlopillo mattress is a Dunlopillo divan. However, if you have bought a new mattress by itself, you should ensure that the base is good quality and provides proper ventilation and support for the mattress. With slatted bases we recommend spaces of 25mm – 63mm (1”- 2½” approx) between slats. Do not use a solid plywood or hardboard base or place these materials under a Dunlopillo mattress – condensation may build up through lack of ventilation causing deterioration on the underside of the mattress.

Care in use

In the morning turn back the bedclothes and leave the bed to air for 20 minutes to allow body moisture to evaporate. In the event of soiling, the mattress may be lightly sponged with a weak solution of soap and water. Excessive wetting can damage the fabric and dyes used.

Bouncing on your bed and repeatedly sitting in the same place can reduce its lifespan.

There is no need to turn your Dunlopillo mattress over. You should however rotate it from end to end once a month to even the wear over the sleeping surface. Body impressions may form where most of your weight is concentrated. This ‘settling‘ is completely normal and is not a cause for concern.

Check the castors or leg fittings occasionally to ensure they are firmly in place.

Of course, not even a Dunlopillo mattress will last forever. Even the finest quality mattress loses some of its ability to give correct support to your body after many years of use. Your mattress will have been carrying your weight for about one third of its life, in uninterrupted stretches of around eight hours. When the years of service do begin to tell, we hope you will again choose a Dunlopillo bed.