Sealy logoWe all know how important a good night’s sleep is. Not only does it keep us feeling rested and fresh, but it also gives our bodies and minds time to rest and restore, ready for the next day. Which is incredibly important if we live busy lives.

It makes sense then, that getting a good night’s sleep is essential in an athlete’s training schedule too. Not only will a good quality sleep help to repair any damaged muscles or injuries from training, it will also help these athletes get enough rest for their minds so that they can be focussed and ready to work at the best of their ability. Something essential before a game or competition!

Which is exactly why Sealy UK, who are a bed manufacturer based in Cumbria, have created their own Sealy’s World of Sport campaign. Endorsed by athletes such as the Wigan Warriors, boxer Frank Bruno MB and British Olympic 200 metre sprinter Margaret Adeoye, the campaign was created to highlight the important link between a quality sleep and excelling in sport.

And now Sealy have announced the latest athlete to enter their sporting endorsement – local triathlete Rachel Vatter, who the bedding company hope to support as she embarks on her sporting career. The 19-year-old competes across the globe in one of the most challenging, both physically and mentally, athletic disciplines, triathlons.

Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa Divan BedA triathlon consists of three endurance tests that take place directly after each other, usually consisting of running, cycling and swimming. The distances of these races vary from competition to competition, however, for the Olympic triathlon the race consists of a 1,500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run. Which needs an exceptional level of fitness and strength to endure as well as lots of training. Vatter herself runs, cycles and swims around nine times a week in order to keep at an Olympic level.   

Yet Vatter doesn’t just train full-time, she also balances her athletics alongside studying for a degree in Engineering at Loughborough University. Of course, all the stresses of being a student and training means that the young athlete has found that she has suffered from sleeping issues in the past. This lack of sleep negatively impacted her sporting performance.

These sleeping issues will now be a thing of the past though – as Sealy have kindly gifted Vatter with a top-of-the-range Sealy Posturepedic Memory Support Mattress, which will help ease the back pain she has from training and allow her to get the best possible sleep. Something that will help her in both her athletic performance and in her studies.

On receiving the new mattress, Rachel Vatter said:

“I would, without hesitation, tell anyone competing in sport that a good night’s sleep is a crucial factor if you want to maximise your training and performance. Sleep is a crucial time to let your body recover, and therefore shouldn’t be compromised. My Sealy mattress is incredibly supportive and comfortable, and now plays an important role in helping me achieve my best.”

Now armed with her new Sealy mattress, it’s exciting to see how well the young athlete will do over the next few years and at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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