Sealy beds online logoSealy will be discontinuing 2 beds from our exclusive range, the Finesse and the Cushion Delight Gold from 23rd April 2013. But fear not, they are bound to have some great replacements for them.

The Finesse was introduced into our range in April 2011 and really hasn’t made much of an impact and we have withdrawn it from our online offer with immediate effect. The introduction of the Sealy Equinox was the final nail in the coffin. Sales of the Equinox have been very good, so much so that we have a double page advert running in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 30th March promoting a king size bed for the price of a double.

The Sealy Cushion Delight has been around a lot longer and proved to be a good selling bed with a pillow top mattress. At £899 for a king size bed with 4 drawers, it represents excellent value and is an extremely comfortable bed. However, you will need to be quick as the order book shuts on Monday 22nd April.

With a bed show looming in April, we are sure that Sealy will have something up their sleeve to tempt us with as a replacement. After all, we don’t want to have an empty space in our Sealy Sleep Studio for too long. As soon as we hear anything, we will let you know.

In the meantime, browse our extensive range of Sealy beds online and find something for you.