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If there’s one thing Sealy know for sure, it’s that a good night’s sleep is integral to our performance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a rising sports star or a stay-at-home mum looking for the energy to get you through a challenging day, the best way to make sure you’re prepared for the day ahead is through getting the best sleep possible.

Which is exactly why Sealy have dedicated over a century to developing and producing the best in mattresses to help ensure everyone has the best chance at that good night’s sleep.

Sealy BedsAs part of Sealy’s determination to show the world the importance of sleeping well, Sealy have maintained their World of Sport campaign where the company has supplied up-and-coming athletes with high-quality mattresses to help make their sporting dreams come true. Currently on the roster are such sports stars as Frank Bruni, Linford Christie, Burnley FC and Phil Tufnell.

By sponsoring these sports stars, Sealy hopes to highlight to everyone that a good night’s sleep is integral to our performance – whether mentally or physically. Not only that, but a good sleep has been known to help soothe tired muscles, heal injuries and ensuring our brains can focus enough to train. All-in-all, Sealy want people to be the very best version of themselves.

The latest sports star to team up with Sealy is Cumbrian rugby union star, Rob Miller who plays for the Aviva Premiership team, Wasps. This sponsorship from Sealy will aim to help the 28-year-old further excel in his performance and training. Which is particularly important when you consider the incredibly tough training program that rugby players go through every season in order to keep at the tip of their game.

In fact, Miller has to endure an exceptionally tough training regime with gruelling practices between games every week and involve more than just practice with the ball on-field, but Miller also has an intense program of weights, cardio and mobility work to ensure he is at his peak. With few rest days in-between training, having a good mattress that promotes a better sleep is fundamental to both his physical and mental health.

Although Miller was a strong sleeper before he received his Sealy mattress, this is hardly surprising, as after training as intense as Miller’s, you’re likely to feel tired. However, just because we get to sleep okay, doesn’t mean that the quality of our sleep is good. Just think, how often have we got 8 hours of sleep a night, yet still woke the next morning feeling tired or unrested. If you get this feeling often, then it’s highly likely that you need a new mattress.

You may even believe that your sleep is okay, until you receive that new mattress. Sealy hope that will his new mattress Miller may be surprised at just how refreshed and ready to go he feels after a good night’s sleep,

On his sponsorship with Sealy, Miller said: “As a sportsperson, sleep and recovery is vital to my performance. Having a Sealy bed gives me the best chance to get quality sleep, allowing me to train and play at a higher intensity throughout the season.”

Sealy Brand Marketing Manager, Holly Housby, said on the sponsorship: “With an intense season ahead, it is incredibly important for Rob to make sure he is fully rested, focused and able to stay in peak condition for the challenges ahead. In light of this, Sealy UK has gifted Rob with a brand-new bed to ensure that he stays on top of his game.

We’re extremely pleased to be supporting Rob as part of our World of Sport campaign. We’re working with a number of high profile athletes, across a variety of sports, and Rob is the perfect ambassador. He has worked incredibly hard this year and sleep is now more important than ever. He’s a fantastic inspiration and we’re delighted to be working together!”

If you’re looking for your own Sealy mattress, please have a look at our online range and get in touch if you have any queries.