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This Sealy mattress advert ties in nicely with the opening of our Sealy Sleep Studio at our store in Ash Lane, Rustington where we have one of the biggest collections of Sealy divan beds and mattresses in the area.

Life Before Your Eyes portrays the life of a Sealy mattress, poignantly revealing one family's milestones through the eyes of the bed. From monumental occasions, like a couple's wedding night, the arrival of a new puppy and the birth of two children, to more subtle moments, such as a couple's argument and coinciding makeup, as well as general family bonding, this commercial is an eloquent extension of the Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it™ campaign.

We certainly don't recommend transporting your mattress in the back of an open van unsecured and are not sure what would happen under the terms of the guarantee & warranty if it was damaged!

View our range of Sealy beds and mattresses online today, or better still, if you live in the Sussex area come in and see in person.