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FW Woolworth comes to town in episode 8. Having a hugely successful business in America, he opens his first store outside the USA in Liverpool in November 1909. His appearance in London clearly rattles Harry, but prompts him into a highly successful Mid Season Sale.

It’s interesting to see an upmarket establishment such as Selfridges go head to head with a thrupence and sixpence (3d & 6d) fixed price store. In todays money 3d is 1.25p and 6d is 2.5p. Clearly Harry wanted Selfridges to appeal to all.

vokins-bed-linens-sale 1972Meanwhile, back in Brighton, William Henry Vokins main competition was Hanningtons. Smith Hannington opened his drapery shop at the bottom of North Street Brighton in 1808, so was well established when Leeson & Vokins opened in 1882.

We were to remain close business rivals until the store closed in 1996. Close in terms of proximity – a hundred yards and working together for the greater good of Brighton and the local community.

The Vokins Sales became a firm favourite with the people of Brighton & Hove. The Winter Sale and Summer Sale would attract enormous queues, with people racing in to get the bargains. The bedding hall, pictured right (1972) in the basement was always extremely popular, with lots of cheap beds, cheap mattresses and cheap bedding and bed linen. It was always the time to buy and you can see from the picture how the stock was piled high.

We have carried on that tradition and now can offer year round great value on any beds, mattresses, duvets, pillows and bedding online.