Mattress Tension, Soft, Medium or Firm. Which is for you?All the mattress tensions given on our website are only a guide and we would always recommend that a bed be tried before purchasing. Read on to learn more so when you do come to make that all important purchase, you are better informed.

Clearly a mattress will have a very different feel to it if a 9 stone lady sleeps on it compared to an 18 stone gentleman. But it will also feel different according to size, spring count and filling.

The tension will also differ greatly across mattress sizes. The smaller the mattress, the firmer the feel. Therefore a single mattress will appear firmer than a double of the same tension. This applies up to a super king size mattress which will appear even softer. Basically, the bigger the mattress, the softer it will feel.

Generally in a pocket sprung mattress, the less springs used the firmer the unit. But pocket sprung mattresses often come with a choice of tension, so a higher spring count with a firm tension, might feel soft / luxurious to the touch. However it will give more support than one of medium or soft tension.

Pocket SpringOpen coil mattresses are very rarely offered with a choice of tension. You will hear of a 12.5 gauge spring unit, which would be a relatively firm mattress. This refers to the thickness of the wire used. A 13.5 gauge unit is a thinner spring, offering less resistance and therefore provides a softer feel.

Fillings also have a bearing on the feel of a mattress. Often a cheap mattress with a 12.5 guage spring unit will have a layer of polyester. This will give an extremely firm feeling. Moving up the price scale gives higher quality and more fillings. As you move into the pocket sprung market, more luxurious natural fillings are used, which provide comfort and support. Both styles are now using a lot more latex and memory foam, which provides the sleeper with added comfort and a level of cushioning.

So which tension is for you? If a mattress is too firm for you, you will be able to slide your hand easily between the mattress and the hollow of your back and your spine will bow up, creating pressure points on your shoulders and knees. If the mattress is too soft, you will not be able to slide your hand beneath your back and your spine will bow downwards creating pressure points on your hips.

We believe that Vi-Spring’s approach is the correct one. As a guide they base their tensions on a person’s weight, with a soft mattress recommended for people weighing up to 11 stone, a medium from 11-16 stone and a firm for upwards of 16 stone. Bear in mind that this is only a guide and that about 80% of our mattresses sold are medium tension.

Remember, Big Brand Beds do recommend that you try any mattress in a showroom for at least 10 minutes before making a purchase.

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