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The most comfortable beds in the world. That's a bold statement for Hypnos to live up to.....and boy do they.

With great prices, FREE delivery, FREE assembly and FREE disposal now is the time to invest in a new Hypnos mattress.

Read this buying guide from Big Brand Beds to learn all you need to about the easycare no turn range of Orthocare mattresses.


Hypnos Orthocare 6 Mattress

Although this is the entry level Orthocare mattress, it shouldn't be overlooked. It offers fantastic value for money and makes a Hypnos mattress affordable to more people. You've also got a choice of a firm tension or an extra firm tension.

The ReActive pocket springs have 6 turns to provide comfort and support. These are covered with layers of luxurious natural wool and eOlus sustainable fibre.

The mattress is finished with 2 rows of hand side stitching which helps keep the mattress shape and maximises the sleeping area.

The Orthocare 6 mattress is naturally paired with a platform top base. Amongst these options are bases with drawers, safes, hideaway bases and the SuperStorage ottoman base.

Hypnos Orthocare 6 Bed
Hypnos Orthocare 8 Bed

Hypnos Orthocare 8 Mattress

The Hypnos Orthocare 8 mattress is the best selling model in the collection. This is due to the level of comfort afforded and the price.

Using the Hypnos ReActive 8 spring, with 8 turns for responsive comfort, this Hypnos mattress is upholstered with natural wool, silk and eOlus.

Highly skilled craftsmen finish the mattress with 2 rows of hand side stitching, wool tufts and flag stitched handles.

Both firm and extra firm comfort levels are available.

For the best possible support pair the Orthocare 8 mattress with a solid top base that can include drawers, a hideaway base or a SuperStorage ottoman.


Hypnos Orthocare 10 Mattress

The Orthocare 10 mattress is hand crafted using naturally soft and breathable layers of British wool, luxurious cashmere and eOlus sustainable fibre.

Along with the sumptuous fillings, additional pressure relief is provided by the 3 zoned pocket spring system. Each spring in the mattress is a ReActive pocket spring that has 10 active turns for relaxing and energising supportive comfort. This Hypnos mattress is then tailored with two rows of genuine hand side stitching and finished with wool tufts.

It’s available in a firm (best seller) and extra firm tension. The mattress is no turn model, but does benefit from head to foot rotation on a regular basis.

The most popular base is a platform top, which gives additional support. However as all Hypnos beds are bespoke, you can also choose from sprung edge or firm edge with either open coil or pocket springs. Once you’ve selected the storage option you only need to select the upholstery fabric and headboard.

Hypnos Orthocare 10 Bed
Hypnos Orthocare 12 Bed

Hypnos Orthocare 12 Mattress

The Orthocare 12 mattress is the Rolls Royce of the collection. It is crammed full with naturally soft wool, alpaca, cashmere, teased hair, talaly latex and eOlus.

Using the ReActive 12 pocket spring in a 3 zone system makes for the best possible support and comfort.

This hand tufted Hypnos mattress is finished with 2 rows of genuine hand side stitching and is also available in a firm and extra firm tension. It is also a no turn model that benefits from regular rotation.

Like the other mattresses in the range, this is best matched with platform top divan base. If it's extra storage space you require, consider the SuperStorage ottoman which provides 4 times more storage space than a 4 drawer divan base. Alternatively, the hideaway base offers even more.


General Information

All mattresses are covered with a chemical free Belgium damask which has a soft feel.

Orthocare mattresses are hand tufted to help keep the fillings in place and to adjust the tension.

Strong flag stitched handles make regular rotation of the mattress easier.

Vents provide airflow through the interior of the mattress helping to keep it smelling fresh.

Hypnos beds & mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years.

eOlus is made by re-using discarded polymer-based bottles. A unique vertically-crimped design allows air to pass through it easily, which actively helps to regulate body temperature. The breathable layer reduces body temperature and moisture quicker than foam, yet has a similar soft feel and sponginess. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and eOlus is 100% recyclable.

Hypnos Craftsman

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Hypnos Orthocare Range Specification Sheet

Hypnos Orthocare Range Specification Sheet

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