Although this is a Hypnos contract mattress we thought it would make interesting reading for our customers. Not only are Hypnos at the forefront of manufacturing beds and mattresses for the domestic market, they are leaders in the contract market as well.

When it comes to our children, we will do anything to ensure that their dreams and ambitions come true. Whether they want to grow up to be an astronaut or the greatest rapper the world has ever seen, we’ll support them along the way. Which usually involves a lot of taxi-ing to extra-curricular activities, telling them to get to bed earlier and nagging them about their homework.

Hypnos MattressesBut when it comes to the sleep nagging, many of us don’t realise just how incredibly important a good night’s sleep goes to helping their dreams come true. As, while we sleep, the part of our brain that is associated with memory, works hard to sort and organise all our interactions for the day and submit them to memory. This includes the information students learn during classes, so without the adequate amount of sleep every night, this information can slip away, making studying and exams harder.

One company that knows just how important sleep is to the growing mind, is Hypnos. Indeed, the Royal Warrant holding company believe so deeply in a good night’s sleep for our children that they have developed a mattress that is entirely aimed at students, to help them with their studies.

The Student Deluxe is aimed not only at giving students a quality night’s sleep, but to get the kind of sleep they need for their brains to process the information – such as classes – that they experienced during that day to memory. Thus, this mattress could actually help students to improve their grades and excel in their chosen career.

The mattress itself comes with a single sided pocket sprung construction to give support to the body as they sleep, without putting strain on the spine, meaning you’re less likely to wake from tossing and turning during the night. It also has blended comfort levels built into the mattress, meaning that you’ll get to sleep a lot easier at night. Particularly good for squeezing in enough hours of quality sleep after a late night in the student union.

What makes this mattress incredibly good for students, though, is that the Student Deluxe has been created with durability in mind as it comes with engineered torsion side supports. This feature allows users to repeatedly sit on the edge of this mattress without causing damage. This is very handy for students as, unlike when we’re older and have our own separate bedroom and living area, for students your bedroom tends to where you spend all your time. This means your mattress regularly becomes your sofa too, for watching Netflix, socialising with friends and even studying.

Plus, being a Hypnos creation, the Student Deluxe also comes with their standard anti-bed bug, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection – perfect for student halls!

Speaking about their new product, Stephanie Girvan, Business Development Manager for Hypnos Contract Beds, said: “Our debut at the Property Week Student Accommodation Conference 2017 provided us with a great opportunity to engage with attendees and teach them all about the heritage and sustainable ethos of Hypnos, whilst experiencing the luxury and quality synonymous with our beds first-hand. Our products speak for themselves, thanks to their high-quality production and design. We also aim to accommodate the user as much as possible by providing a hassle-free installation service for student accommodation providers. This is not only time-efficient, but also cost-effective and supports our aim of making the procurement and installation of their sleep solution as simple and hassle free as possible.”

You might not be a student, but you’ll still enjoy a great night’s sleep on a Hypnos mattress. Come and visit our bed shop near me (that's you of course) to try out the range of Hypnos beds and mattresses in our showroom in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Click here to get directions to our bed shop on Google maps