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Hypnos logoHow often have you heard the well-coined phrase “everything will seem better after a good night’s sleep”? Well, it’s likely you will have heard it at least once and more often than not it is true.

The human body needs downtime to recharge after a long day. The most obvious and important time of the day to do this is when you are asleep, so getting a decent night’s sleep is crucial. Sleep deprivation can bring on anxiety, stress and extreme tiredness. There are many factors that affect your sleep patterns, but there are some elements that are vital to maximising your chances of getting a good night’s rest, like getting the right mattress.

What a good mattress can do for you

It may sound like an obvious point, but having a quality mattress can do more for you than you think. Last year the average Briton spent 2,372 hours sleeping (source 4.5.14), which admittedly is shy of the recommended 8 hours a night, but it is still a significant part of your day that should be respected.

When it comes to mattresses everyone has different preferences. Some people want a firm one whereas others prefer a soft mattress that you sink into and often struggle to get out of! Whatever your preference there is a huge range out there to suit everyone.

The benefits of investing in a new quality mattress are tenfold. Not only will it be a more comfortable ride, so to speak, it can have some great health benefits too.

Hypnos Alto Pillow Top MattressThe problem with keeping hold of your mattress too long

An ill-suited mattress can often be the cause of many people’s back pain problems. If you are suffering from a cricked neck or severe back pain then you should definitely review the state of yours. Purchasing a new one could make all the difference to your night’s sleep, whether you want an orthopaedic mattress, a luxurious Hypnos pillow top (pictured) or just need an upgrade.

Other health benefits from replacing your mattress and getting a good night’s sleep are reduced stress, anxiety and irritability. Big Brand Beds have a whole range of mattresses, which incorporate the latest technology, from Geltex and memory foam to pocket sprung. Just be sure to take the time and “test-drive” it first. 

These days you can even get a custom-made bed designed just for you. Handcrafted beds from Hypnos beds are guaranteed to give you those much-needed z’s. After all, you must have seen Lenny Henry advertising their beds on TV.

To find out what could be the best solution for you, check out our wide range of mattresses and beds. You could be just a click away from sweet dreams.