hypnos-master-craftsmenHypnos beds have launched their new Summer Look Book, which contains their latest photography showcasing 4 new style trends for the bedroom.

The mood boards for these styles were carefully selected to appeal first and foremost to the editors of the interiors and lifestyle consumer press, ultimately to help encourage consumers to 'express themselves', to create a design-led bed and centrepiece for their bedroom and to sleep beautifully.

The 4 different design themes - Ornate Revival, Monomark, Botanical and Soft Hues - illustrate how different headboard and divan styles, as well as different upholstery fabric colours, help consumers to personalise the look of their own bed. From the decadent and bold look displayed in the Ornate Revival shot, to the simple and feminine understated look shown in the Soft Hues shot, we feel confident that everyone will have an opportunity to express their unique personality.

They might not be to everyones taste, but they will certainly give you some ideas if you need to freshen up your bedroom.

How your dream bed comes together

But it’s not all about what’s on the outside. Each Hypnos mattress is hand made by master craftsmen. The skills learnt take years to perfect. Fillings need to be hand teased and evenly spread across the surface of the mattress. Then there’s the hand side stitched borders. Now that’s a real skill in itself. And you need to be strong as an ox to finish the mattress off with the tape edging that holds the panel and border together.

Each and every Hypnos bed is handcrafted to order. It is truly a masterpiece amongst beds. Hypnos only use natural and sustainable materials of the highest quality. Their master craftsmen with their passion, their experience and their unparalleled attention to detail guarantees exceptional quality everytime. It is truly a labour of love.

To reinforce the quality of all Hypnos divan beds and mattresses, they now come with a 10 year guarantee. Now that's what we call having confidence in your product.

But don't take our word for it. Pop into our store and try an Hypnos Orthocare 10 no turn mattress or one of the famous pillow tops. You know the ones, Lenny Henry's always banging on about them on the TV.

Download the new Summer Look Book here.