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Hypnos logoIf you’ve ever read the Princess and the Pea, you’ll know just how sensitive royalty can be when it comes to a comfortable bed to sleep in. So, when you hear that a bed manufacturing company has been given a Royal Warrant, you know you’re going to get a truly exquisite mattress.

Hypnos, a family-run bed company, has held Royal Warrants since 1929 when it was awarded by George V. Now Hypnos provide mattresses for all the royal family and the royal household. A signifier to just how high quality the Hypnos brand is. If a mattress is fit for a king or a queen, then it must be incredibly well made.

Yet it’s not just their Royal Warrant that Hypnos should be proud of. The British company has now been honoured with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade in this year’s honour list – an incredibly prestigious accolade!

The award was given to Hynos in recognition of the company’s commercial success and substantial growth in the international sector. A growth that has seen the company celebrate a strong increase in sales of their products overseas and increased export activity. An increase that has seen the manufacturers see their international sales increase from £500,000 five years ago to an astonishing £5m projected for 2017. A figure that now represents 9% of the Hypnos group’s overall revenue.

Speaking about the award, James Keen, managing director at Hypnos, said: “It’s a true honour to receive such an accolade and we’re incredibly proud of this achievement and all the hard-work that’s been put in over the last few years. We now have over 20 manufacturing licensees around the world, enabling us to serve our global hotel customers efficiently and effectively. We also showcase our luxury beds in over 120 retail stores around the world.”

Hypnos plans to continue this growth in overseas sales and plans to generate £20m worth of these sales globally by just 2021. A figure that would account for an incredible 20% of the company’s total sales.

It’s not surprising that the brand is becoming more and more popular across the globe, the Hypnos brand has been built on four key values that customers really appreciate. Not only does Hypnos strive to make the most comfortable beds in the world, they also strive to deliver these core values:

Hypnos bed1: Being Customer Obsessed

Making every customer feel special and providing them with the best quality in a bed and mattress to ensure they sleep soundly every night.

2: Be Innovative

How beds are made and designed will change as better methods are found, to ensure the company is always pushing the boundaries of bed innovation.

3: Be Responsible

All Hypnos products should be safe, reliable and environmentally friendly for their customers.

4: Integrity

The company strives to earn the respect of people and ensure all business dealings are done in an ethical manner.

If you’re looking to replace your mattress, but are unsure where to start, Hypnos is one of the leading brands on the market. Each mattress is made to the highest quality and is created with the sole purpose of getting you the best night’s sleep possible. Hypnos have a wide variety of different mattress types to suit everybody, simply contact us and we can help advise you towards your perfect mattress. You can find lots of advice and information online at If you are local to us, come and see the great range we have in our showroom at Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AD. We’re open Monday to Saturday 10 – 4.30pm, but closed on bank Holidays.

We have a big range of Orthocare no turn mattresses, the Orthos 2 sided turnable mattresses, the Pillow Top collection and more. If you are local to us we’re well worth a visit.

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