Today we visited the Hypnos bed and mattress factory at Princes Risborough. It was a very interesting day and as well as visiting the showrooms, we got a guided tour of the factory.

Below are pictures of the various manufacturing stages of a Hypnos mattress.

Hypnos Bed Factory - Princes Risborough

Hypnos Bed Factory

Hypnos Preparing Springs

Hypnos Preparing Springs

Hand Side Stitching the Border to the Springs

Hypnos Side Stitching

Adding the Fillings

Hypnos Adding Fillings

Tape Edging the Cover to the Border

Hypnos Tape Edging

Completed Orthocare 8 Mattress awaiting Tufting

Hypnos Orthocare 8 Mattress Untufted

Tufting Rack

Hypnos Tufting Rack

The Mattress is Compressed for Tufting

Hypnos Tufting

Hypnos Untufted Orthocare 8 Mattress
Completed Orthocare 8 Mattress awaiting Tufting