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Glossary of Relyon mattress fillings

Our complete guide to the springs and fillings inside a Relyon mattress.

We have put together this guide to help you understand the different upholstery components, springs and materials used in a Relyon mattress. Mattress upholstery is the material that sits between the springs and the top fabric of the mattress. The upholstery in a Relyon mattress is there to provide comfort and support to the sleeper.

Relyon Mattress Springs

The springs in a mattress work to give your body support. There are many different springs used by mattress manufacturers, but Relyon mattresses only use paocket springs.

Pocket Springs

Each spring moves independently from the other to support different body weights and shapes. This offers a no roll together mattress. Higher spring counts generally offer a more supportive comfort and suit heavier body frames.

Pocket Springs – Double Layer

A double layer pocket sprung mattress consists of pocket springs that shape perfectly to individual body contours due to each spring having its own independent action. The upper layer of springs shape to the body contours while the lower layer absorbs changes in weight distribution for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Pocket Springs – Hand Nested

A Relyon mattress with hand nested pocket springs means each pocket spring is nested in a honeycomb pattern and hand tied with linen cord. Pocketed springs shape perfectly to individual body contours due to each spring having its own independent action. Finishing Touches Hand side stitching Extends the sleeping area of the mattress edge by supporting the mattress walls

Whats in my Relyon mattress Glossary of Relyon mattress fillings

Relyon Mattress Care - The finishing touches 

Hand tufting

This traditional skill ensures all loose fillings are secured to provide the perfect finish to your Relyon mattress

Flag stitched handles

Strong handles are secured to the side of the mattress to aid rotation and turning

Air Vents

Air vents do exactly as they say. They allow air to circulate within the mattress keeping it fresh. When a mattress is depressed the stale air is expelled from the core of the mattress.

Turnable mattress

Turn over and rotate your mattress once a week for the first 3 months and then once a month thereafter to ensure longevity and even settlement of the fillings.

No turn mattress

No need to turn this Relyon mattress, although regular rotation will extend its life

Whats in my Relyon mattress Glossary of Relyon mattress fillings

Relyon Mattress fillings

Mattress fillings or upholstery are the comfort layers in a mattress. Sitting on top of the spring unit the upholstery provides comfort and cushioning while conforming to the body to relieve pressure.

Anti-allergenic layer

A layer of anti allergenic fibre underneath the mattress fabric cover. This layer is sterilised and dust free, therefore ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cashmere & silk layer

The softest cashmere hair and the finest silk fibres blended into a durable insulation layer, providing a luxurious feel.

Cotton layer

Extra long staple fibre cotton is incredibly durable and has super soft characteristics. Exceptionally breathable and highly absorbent, cotton is excellent at controlling body temperature through its superior moisture wicking properties.

Cotton blend layer

The combination of soft white fibre and cotton is formed into a deep layer for guaranteed quality and softness.

Cotton rebound layer

Deep luxurious support layer A supportive layer of resilient fibres used above and below the spring unit to ensure adequate padding and an ideal foundation for the upholstery to be layered upon.

Deep soft layer

A dust free filling providing softness and resilience

Hand teasing

Hand teasing involves pulling the wool / hair apart by hand in rapid sideways movements until it is aerated with a good loft. This also helps with the removal of any impurities.

Hand teased cashmere

Offers softness and warmth beyond comparison.

Hand teased horse hair

Utilised in construction, furniture, pottery and textiles for centuries. Horsetail is the longest natural fibre and a key ingredient to luxury beds. Twisted to provide extra resilience and bounce, horsetail is the perfect natural spring partner for our sumptuous beds.

Hand teased lambswool

Lambswool is a natural insulator, offering luxurious levels of softness whilst providing warmth in winter and coolness in the summer. Hand teased merino wool Famed for its silky soft fineness, merino wool is not only sumptuous but its hydroscopic properties encourage the evaporation of body moisture ensuring a really comfortable sleeping environment.

Hand teased mohair

Mohair is an ultra fine yarn produced from the hair of an Angora goat and is naturally resilient, soft and luxuriously comfortable. Nicknamed ‘the diamond’ fibre for its superior lustre, mohair is warm in the winter due to its excellent insulating properties and remains cool in summer due to its moisture wicking properties.

Lambswool layer

Typically reserved for high grade textiles, lambswool is the finest wool shorn from a young sheep. Soft and very elastic, lambswool also provides coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter and is highly prized as a mattress filling.

Resilient foam

Provides a resilient and supportive surface feel. Soft white fibre A dust free filling providing softness and resilience

Wool cotton hair layer

A blend of wool, cotton and hair provides a durable insulating layer of natural resilience, luxurious loft and provides excellent support.