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Relyon Bed and Mattress product information

This is a general overview of Relyon beds and mattresses. For a glossary of all terms and what's in my Relyon mattress, follow the link.

Mattress craftmanship

If you ever get to see the inside of a Relyon mattress you will see sumptuous layers of the finest quality fillings. Specially chosen and expertly blended to provide the perfect sleeping experience. To suit individual needs, Relyon has developed mattresses of natural fibre and mattresses with anti-allergenic health benefits. And with different spring counts and combinations of fillings, there are Relyon mattresses of varying firmness and feel that will respond perfectly to an individual's size, shape and weight, offering unsurpassed levels of comfort and support.

Pocketed Springs

Individual steel springs sewn into small fabric pockets. The springs are placed beside each other (nested), and then linen cord is threaded through the springs tying them together, but leaving each spring free to respond to the contours of the body.

Spring Tension

Where there is a choice of spring tensions, the tension is a guide only and the feel of the Relyon mattress will differ with every sleeper. A mattress will have a very different feel if an 8 stone person sleeps on it compared to an 18 stone person. We would always recommend a customer tries a bed or mattress before ordering to ensure the correct feel.

Finest Quality Fibres

Chosen for their superb luxurious comfort and resilience these quality fibres also help the Relyon mattress to breathe.

Handles & Vents

Mattress handles make for easier movement and turning of the mattress if and when required. Within the stitching of the handles are small ventilation holes that aid air circulation and help to reduce the amount of moisture retained

Hand-stitched sides

A feature of many Relyon mattresses is the stitched sides that extend the sleeping area to the very edge of the mattress by supporting the mattress walls. This also ensures the necessary rigidity and strength of the mattress for many years.

Divan craftsmanship

Every Relyon divan base is designed and constructed with the greatest care and attention to detail, with much of the construction carried out by hand. One of the prerequisites for a great night's sleep is the quality of support given to the mattress. Relyon prides itself on the quality of materials and build synonymous with its divans.


The quality of construction of a Relyon divan base is second to none. To ensure each bed surpasses the needs usually required of it, the thickest possible cane edge surrounds the divan spring unit to offer additional support to the mattress, to the very edge.

Sturdy Construction

The timber is first glued together to form the basic frame, and then screwed together to form a level of rigidity that is far superior to other divan bases available.


The castors that support a Relyon divan base are chosen for their strength and ability to support the substantial weight of Relyon products compared to many competitors.

Timber Drawers

Relyon uses timber drawers because they are able to hold greater weight than others. Additionally, the frame employs dovetailed joints as they help form a stronger joint than normal.

Caring for your new Relyon Bed or Mattress

Carefully looking after your Relyon bed will ensure years of trouble free sleeping. Download your Relyon care and maintenance instructions.

Relyon's products are crafted with the greatest of care and attention. We know that you will have a lifetime of enjoyment with your choice. It is well worth treating your Relyon bed or mattress with a little care to ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

No turn mattress care instructions

Rotate your Relyon mattress occasionally. There is no need to turn your mattress over, but it should be rotated every week for the first 3 months. Thereafter once a month. This will prolong the life and comfort of your mattress.

Unclip the Pillowtop.If you have bought a No Turn mattress with a Pillowtop, the corners have been clipped down to avoid them being damaged in transit. Cut the clips using a pair of scissors, taking care not to cut the Relyon mattress fabric.

Low turn mattress care instructions

Turn and rotate your mattress regularly. It is important that you turn over and rotate your mattress every 6 months. This will allow the fillings to settle evenly and will prolong the life and comfort of your mattress.

Regular turn mattress care instructions

Turn and rotate your mattress regularly. It is important that you turn over and rotate your mattress every month for the first 3 months, then every 3 months thereafter. This will allow the filling to settle evenly and will prolong the life and comfort of your mattress.

Care for all mattresses

Let your mattress breathe. After unwrapping your bed from its packaging, leave it un-covered for a few hours to allow any condensation and odour to escape. Carefully dispose of the protective polythene covers as they can pose a danger to small children.

Fillings settlement. All Relyon mattresses contain generous amounts of upholstery fillings. These sumptuous layers will naturally tend to 'settle', and will be particularly noticeable in the areas under the most body weight. This is quite normal and should not cause concern.

Do not fold your mattress. The upholstered fillings along with the core foundation (springs or foam core) inside your mattress will be damaged and the tufts may be pulled through the cover if it is bent or rolled. As well as invalidating your warranty it will badly affect the comfort of the mattress.

Use a mattress cover. In order to avoid discolouration and marking of your mattress, Relyon recommends the use of a mattress cover.

Clean your mattress regularly. Your new bed should be brushed or vacuumed (using the upholstery attachment) every month to keep it fresh. You should pay particular attention to the tuft buttons, as dust tends to settle there. Where applicable if you wish to clean the removable cover, please dry clean only.

Do not use as a trampoline. Jumping on the bed will cause irreparable damage to the cover, springs and bed base.

Relyon Roll up mattress care guide

Please open the mattress pakaging using scissors and following the line of the seal on the bag, taking care not to pierce a hole in the fabric. We do not recommend using any form of knife.

After you have removed your mattress from its packaging, leave it uncovered in a well ventilated room to air.

After 2 hours your mattress will be ready for use, however further recovery will take place within the next 24-48 hours when it will achieve its full height and comfort level.


Over time your mattress will soften and slight compression may occur in the areas under body weight. This is quite normal and is not a cause for concern.

Rotating regularly will help to diminish these effects and create even fillings settlement and comfort.

The use of a mattress protector is recommended to keep your mattress clean. Any staining on your mattress will warrant your guarantee void.

Over time foam within the mattress may slightly discolour as a reaction to UV rays from light. This is normal and does not effect the support and comfort of your mattress or your guarantee.

Regularly brush your mattress to keep it clean and fresh.

If th cover is removable check the care instruction label to find out if it can be machine washed or if it is dry clean only. Failure to do this may result in the cover not fitting the core of the mattress correctly once washed.

With slatted bases we recommend that the gaps between the slats is no greater than 7cm. A wider gap could invalidate your guarantee.

If the mattress you have purchased contains memory foam, please be mindful that it will react to body heat and room temperatures. In a colder room the mattress will feel firmer and the mattress will feel softer when it reacts to body heat.

Do not jump on your mattressas this may cause irreperable damage to the cover and core

Do not use your mattress on an old divan as this will affect the comfort of the mattress and may even damage it.

Do not sit on the edge of your mattress as over a prolonged period this may cause compression of the fillings and damage the mattress.