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Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Bed
Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Bed

Dunlopillo beds & mattresses are individually made for you which is why delivery is currently 6/8weeks.

Dunlopillo delivery service

  • Delivery & Assembly are FREE of charge
  • Disposal Service available and must be added to basket

Dunlopillo Adjustable Beds

The Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Bed

  • The Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Bed features a 5 part adjustable action which allows any positioning at the touch of a button
  • This adjustable electric base is a practical easy to use design
  • The sprung birch wood slats separately move to your body weight and shape. The slats provide a firm and supportive foundation for the Celeste mattress
  • The firmness of the system can be operated through comfort adjusters located in the lumbar region of the system. Simply move the adjusters to the outside edge for a firmer feel. Positioned centrally offers a softer feel
  • Separate remote controls let you and your partner adjust the back and leg areas independently to discover perfect comfort
  • The wireless remote control also features a torch
  • Drawers on the small single and single bases are only available right facing as you stand at the foot of the bed
  • Please note there is an 18 stone weight limit per single bed
  • The king size and super king size come with 2 single mattresses

The Dunlopillo Celeste Mattress

  • There are 7 Comfort zones in every Celeste mattress. Softer comfort areas pillow your shoulders, hips and heels. The firmer support areas give seamless equilibrium stability to allow your spine to be perfectly aligned in whichever position you often sleep in
  • Natural latex quickly reacts and familiarises itself to a person’s body profiles and movements and brings about better sleep
  • With unrivalled elasticity latex delivers instant pressure relief and stimulates a healthy blood supply to your muscles so you wake revitalised
  • This no turn mattress is intended to give long lasting performance by employing their natural suppleness and resilience to save their shape and retain their durability for many years
  • A soft touch cover with Actipro™ technology. Actipro™ technology is used in the mattress fabric to remove unwanted allergens, lessen bacteria and nasty odours, helping to keep a refreshing and welcoming sleep conditions

The Dunlopillo Celeste Options

Dunlopillo review

This adjustable action is as good as it gets. Easy to operate at the touch of a button

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