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Die Zudecke Duvet and Pillow product information

Ribeco are the manufacturers of the Die Zudecke duvets and pillows.

The best goose down duvet is not necessarily the priciest one. It is also not necessarily the one that is the lightest. What is important is the fill power. We all know that down is a natural insulator and it will keep you warm and cozy. But the best down duvet is also light and soft. It will feel like a cloud when you are in bed and will provide you with the right amount of warmth. That's why we rate the Die Zudecke duvets so highly. Whether you choose a Canadian goose down duvet or a Hungarian goose down duvet you won't be disappointed.

All Die Zudecke duvets and pillows are manufactured in Germany. They only use the highest quality fillings and fabrics in making there natural duvets and pillows. All have been put through stringent quality control testing.


Die Zudecke manufacture all the standard size duvets, single, double, king size and super king. They also make an emperor size duvet. Emperor duvets are generally in stock, but on occassions there might be a slight delay.

Duvet filling

Die Zudecke make 3 qualities of duvet using only the very finest natural fillings. The premium range is the Canadian goose down duvet, closely followed by the Hungarian goose down duvet. For those that prefer a little more weight in their duvet, the Hungarian goose feather and down duvet is a great option.


All Die Zudecke natural products are NOMITE certified. This has been issued to us by the EDFA and means that the fabric is so tightly woven that house dust mites cannot penetrate the fabric, making them suitable for sufferers of house dust mite allergies.

Oeko-Tex 100

All of the products that they sell have been tested according to the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 standard. This gives you the assurance that there are no harmful chemicals or substances in Die Zudecke duvets and pillows. Class 1 certification also means that they are suitable for babies and children.

Downafresh Greenline

This certificate ensures that there down and feather production process conforms to EN standards and that they have been processed in an ecological and hygienic manner.

More information on Continental quilts and duvets

More information on Pillows

When should I replace my pillow

The life of your pillow very much depends on the quality of the materials and fillings used. Common sense dictates that a cheap polyester filled pillow isn’t going to last as long as a more expensive well filled Clusterfibre pillow. You only get what you pay for. Some cheap pillows can lose their support after only 6 months.

We tend to stock better end pillows and leave the cheap and cheerful to other retailers. It’s a false economy to spend a little when by spending a bit more you could have a pillow that lasts 4 times as long.

There are several tests that can be done to see if your pillow is still up to scratch. A simple one is to place it width ways across your fore arm. If it collapses either side, it is probably time to replace it. We are not entirely sure about Sammy Margo's 'broken pillow test'. She recommends folding the pillow in half lengthways and placing a trainer on top of it to see if the pillow throws the trainer off. 

But on a more serious note, a poor pillow can cause the user problems with their neck and back. The correct pillow should ensure that your spine is correctly aligned and your neck and shoulders are supported. Therefore if you tend to sleep on your front a thin soft pillow is the right option for you. For a back sleeper we would recommend a medium pillow and the most common sleeping position, the side sleeper require a deep filled firm pillow.

Caring for your new Die Zudecke Quilt or Pillow

We always recommend professional cleaning of natural duvets and pillows.

If you decide to machine wash your product yourself please ensure that it is large enough.and follow the instructions on the care label. Generally a wash of 40°C on a gentle setting is required. 

Care should be taken to ensure that the item is completely dry throughout. If using a commercial tumble drier do not use a temperature exceeding 60°C.

Carefully looking after your duvet will ensure years of trouble free sleeping.

Carefully looking after your pillow will ensure years of trouble free sleeping.

It’s important to keep your pillow clean and fresh, but this doesn’t mean having to wash them all the time.

Following our simple tips will help prolong the life of your much loved natural pillows. The care tips also apply to natural duvets.

  • Always use a pillow protector under your pillow case and make sure both are washed regularly. This will help to minimise soiling and eliminate potentially harmful bugs.
  • Shaking daily and regularly will help to retain the loft and shape of the pillow.
  • Goose down is easy care and rarely requires total washing. If machine washing is required we would always recommend using an industrial machine at a laundrette. Use small quantities of detergent and wash at a low temperature (40 degrees) with a high spin speed. The drying is the most important aspect of the cleaning process. Tumble dry until the filling is completely dry. Under no circumstances should fabric conditioners be used.
  • For minor spillages, gently dab the excess spillage with a tissue before removing the pillow case and protector. Rinse under a tap, dab with an absorbent cloth and dry thoroughly.
  • For larger and general soiling, shake the filling away from the soiled area and gently hand wash with a weak solution of detergent and warm water. Allow to dry completely.
  • In the unlikely event of not using your goose down pillow, store in a dry well ventilated area.