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Duvets & Quilt care

Duvet Sizes

Single 54" wide x 78" long (135cm x 200cm), Double 78" wide x 78" long (200cm x 200cm), Kingsize 90" wide x 86" long (229cm x 218cm) and Super Kingsize 102" wide x 86" long (260cm x 220cm)

What is a "Continental Quilt"?

Continental quilts, or Duvets, originated centuries ago in Scandinavia and were simply bags containing feathers, working on the principle that the more air you could keep between your body and the cold outside, the warmer you would be.

Continental Quilt or Blankets?

On warmth for weight basis, continental quilts are far better than ordinary blankets and keep you warm in the lightest and most comfortable way. The relative lightness of continental quilts means that there is less weight on the body, which can mean better blood circulation and even more comfort.

Should I buy manmade fibres or natural fillings?

This is a matter of personal preference; man-made continental quilts have certain advantages over natural filled products. They are generally less expensive, so more people can enjoy the luxury of a continental quilt at affordable prices. They are odourless, non-allergenic and are dust free. Continental quilts with man-made fillings are easy to care for and to wash.

As with most things, the better the quality of man-made filling, the better the overall performance of the quilt. Most man-made fillings are made from polyester fibres and can be solid or hollow which traps even more air within and between each fibre. Natural quilts are, in general, lighter and warmer than man-made quilts. They will drape around the body and breathe as only a natural product can

A comfortable sleeper will perspire around one-third to one pint of moisture a night. To maintain dry and comfortable warmth, this moisture must be transported away from the body. Natural fillings are more absorbent than man-made fillings. They actually absorb and transport moisture, thereby lowering the humidity of the air in the quilt. Once absorbed, the moisture slowly evaporates, so coldness is not experienced.

Which Tog rating do I buy?

A continental quilt traps the heat radiated by your body as you sleep and the Tog rating is simply a measure of how efficient the duvet is in preventing that heat from escaping. The measure of Tog values is not a precise science.

Generally, the higher the Tog the warmer the quilt, but also be guided by the warmth of the bedroom. Highest does not necessarily mean best, only that it is warmest. Personal comfort preferences and environment are equally important when choosing which continental quilt to buy. The table below shows the current range of Togs available.

Warmth Classification - (TOGS)

4.5 6.0 9.0 10.5 12.0 13.5 15.0
Summer Warm Extra Warm  

Finally which stitch pattern is best?

Many man made continental quilts are made in channels, which are stitched along the length of the quilt. This performs the important function of retaining the filling in position and provides an efficient way of improving the insulation of the quilt.

Equally important is that moisture vapour from the body is allowed to escape through the stitching without creating unpleasant cold spots. Other common stitch constructions are the random or intermittent stitch, which can improve loft and the cassette construction popular in natural quilts

Cleaning guide

Local soiling may be cleaned with a damp sponge, using hand-hot water and mild detergent. Lightly rinse the affected area and dry by airing. For more serious soiling take it to a professional cleaner who specialises in continental quilts.