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Have you ever wondered how we are able to have a mattress made for you and delivered the very next day?

Well a picture paints a thousand words so we thought we would share with you the photos we took at our recent factory visit to see the process that Relyon use.

All Relyon vacuum packed mattresses are made to the same high standards as the rest of their range. They also come with a 5 year guarantee, even the entry level Dream Support!

Once the mattress has been made it is bagged up and loaded onto a machine that compresses and rolls it. It really is that simple. The process takes no more than a couple of minutes to reduce a full sized mattress into a rolled vacuum packed one ready for delivery.

With the mattress being reduced in size, Tufnell’s Parcel Express team can generally deliver them single handedly the day after your order, Is it time to think about a new Relyon mattress?

Relyon Vacuum Packed Mattresses
Mattresses ready to be packed
The mattress is packed in a heavy duty polythene wrapper
Once wrapped it's placed on the rollers that will take it to the compressing machine
Inside the machine
The mattresses starts to be compressed
The mattresses is almost flat. Once compressed the mattress is vacuum sealed
It's rolled inside the machine and appears ready to be dispatched
One Relyon Memory Dream Mattress