Follow our easy guide to assembling your new Hypnos bed. We recommend that 2 people should assemble a bed

It is best to assemble your Hypnos bed in the room where it is to be used

If your divan has drawers, these will be secured for transit. The last job is to remove the strapping.

Divan AssemblyScrew in the corner castors

Place each divan half on its edge, with the sides with the square edges facing each other.

For each divan half, take 2 castors and two metal washers

Placing a metal washer over each castor, screw into the pre-prepared holes in the rounded corners. Tighten with the spanner provided.

Link the divan halves

Bring the 2 halves together, ensuring there is no gap between them

Take the remaining 4 castors, plus both the link plates. No washers are required for this part.

Thread one castor through the hole in the link plate.

Loosely screw this castor into the top left hole in the right half.

Loosely screw another castor into the top right hole in the left divan half so that the link plate can be lowered to slot into place.

Repeat this process with the remaining 2 castors, screwing them into the bottom holes.

Making sure that the 2 divan halves are firmly together, tighten all the castors.

Now that your divan halves are linked, carefully lower to the floor.

If your divan has drawers, remove any straps holding them in place.

Screw in the headboard bolts

If you do not intend attaching a headboard, you can ignore this step. Just remove the round stickers from both ends and your divan is ready.

If you want to finish your bed with a headboard, you will need to identify the head end of the divan. This is easy to do by checking the drawer configuration.

If your divan has no drawers, or has 4 standard size drawers, either end can be used as the head end.

Having located the head end, locate the predrilled headboard bolt holes (there are 4 at each end), indicated by the round stickers.

Using your finger to locate the exact placement of the holes, pierce the fabric there.

You can now use the supplied headboard bolts and washers to attach your chosen headboard.

Remove the stickers at the other end of the divan.

Congratulations, your divan is fully assembled – time to add your mattress.

And remember all the packaging from your Hypnos bed can be fully recycled