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By following our simple guide, you will ensure your divan is correctly assembled and that it will give you years of reliable service.

We recommend two people assemble a new bed as some lifting is required

Assemble the bed as close to its intended final position as possible

Remove all wrapping carefully and avoid using sharp instruments that might damage the upholstery

You will only require a flat head screw driver, mallet and a pair of scissors

Assembling Your Divan Base

Your divan base will generally come with castors. In some cases glides are an option.

Turn your divan base(s) upside down and insert each castor or glide into position and tap with a mallet to secure.
If you have a double or king size bed, push the 2 divan halves together.

  • base-assemblyIf your bases have predrilled holes, line them up and fasten the 2 divan halves together using the bolts. The fabric may need piercing, but the position is marked.
  • In the case of U clip joining brackets, position these where marked and push in. They might need to be tapped into position with a mallet.
  • If your divan base has prefixed flush jointing brackets, start by turning the divan bases up the correct way. Push them together and lift the centre corners and drop each side into the opposite bracket.

Attaching Your Headboard

headboard-assemblyPierce a hole through the fabric at the head end of your divan where the marking stickers are placed. Be aware that sometimes the stickers are not positioned directly over the holes. Take the metal washer, plastic washer and bolt and screw into the hole.

  • To fit a standard strutted headboard, push the headboard struts between the 2 metal washers. Tighten them securely once you have the headboard in the correct position.
  • Floor standing headboards should be fixed in the same way, by attaching the fixing bolts through the slits in the headboard base.

Preparing your Storage Drawers

base-assembly-drawersIf you have a divan base with storage drawers, carefully cut the fabric straps holding them in place. Open the drawer and then trim the excess fabric inside the drawer aperture and underneath the divan.

Finally place your mattress on the divan base and remember to rotate or turn it regularly. By doing so and following the manufacturers care instructions you will enjoy your new bed for years to come and protect your guarantee and warranty.