Choosing a bed can be a completely overwhelming experience. After-all, a bed frame is the focal point of your room, so when you make that commitment to buy a bed it’s essential that you love your new bed – otherwise you might be stuck with a bed you dislike for years to come.

Of course, with so many distinctive styles and types of bed on the market, where exactly do you start? Well, first off, you should keep it simple by first off deciding the type of bed you want, whether that be a divan or a frame.

Now, when many hear the word “divan” images of their granny’s flowery divan covered in ruffles comes to mind. Which is enough to put anyone off. But, before you dismiss the idea of a divan from past bad memories, not only do modern divans come in far more stylish shapes and materials. They also have several distinct advantages over frames.

Advantages of Divan Beds Over Bed FramesFirstly, your divan base can be completely customisable to the look you want for your bedroom. It doesn’t matter if you want a sleek leather-type base or a warming upholstered fabric base, there will be a divan to fit your vision. Plus, you can even pick a colour that matches your bedroom decor – whatever this colour might be. Your choices are practically unlimited. Take Hypnos beds for example. There are currently 45 different fabrics to upholster your bed in.

And, as a divan bed is a base that you add a headboard to, you can either match your headboard to the colour of the base or choose a completely different colour. This is particularly advantageous as, after a year or so, if you want to decorate your bedroom, you can simply replace the headboard to match your new room rather than swapping an entire bed, which can become pricey.

Headboards come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you want something simple, or an elaborate diamante-encrusted showstopper that will catch your eye as soon as you enter the room. Or, if you really love the romance or a wooden or metal frame bed but would prefer a divan base then simply add a wooden or metal headboard instead! There really is a headboard to fit every vision.

Of course, one of the best advantages of a divan bed is that, compared to a frame, your divan takes up so much less room. A traditional frame bed can be bulky, especially if it has large posts. Plus, unlike a divan that is as wide as a mattress, a frame will be wider than your mattress taking up more room. If you have a small room then a divan will offer you far more space around your bed, giving the illusion of a larger room.

You can even add storage drawers to your divan – up to two drawers each side – which are the perfect place to store bags or shoes dust free. And, unlike a frame where you can see what’s stored under the bed, the drawers in a divan completely hide what’s in your drawers for a far tidier finish. Again, this is a particular advantage for smaller rooms as, if you can’t fit furniture like a chest of drawers, the bed will give you that storage.

Divan beds can be bought as a base alone, or together with a mattress and headboard. You can even customise them to add or remove storage based on your needs.