John Atkinson Blanket product information

See each John Atkinson blanket for individual details.


Cashmere goats are a type of goat, not a breed. Most goats produce a coat with 2 layers of hair. The top coat is a hard protective layer. The undercoat used in cashmere is much finer. To be called cashmere the undercoat has to extremely fine and many Cashmere goats undercoats do not qualify for this prestigious title.

Merino Wool

Merino sheep are a type, not a breed that originated from Spain. The wool from the merino sheep is much finer that ordinary wool and gives a much softer handle. For those of a technical disposition it is generally less than 24 microns in diameter.


Lambswool is wool gathered from a lamb / sheep during its first year of growth.


As a natural organic fibre, wool provides the perfect environment for natural insulating warmth and comfort. With it's unique breathable properties and durability, wool is also naturally flame retardent making it the perfect choice for John Atkinson blankets.

Our current range blends the benefits of wool with classic styling, to create beautiful quality John Atkinson blankets which will provide years of comfort. Our woollen blankets are all available in the same colours, so can be combined for individual warmth and weight requirements.


These are the standard sizes, however some of the blankets have differing sizes so please go by the actual size detailed on the product page.

Single 70" x 90" (180cm x 230cm)

Double 90" x 100" (230cm x 255cm)

Kingsize 100" x 110" (255cm x 280cm)

Super Kingsize 110" x 120" (280cm x 305cm)

Caring for your new John Atkinson Blanket

We recommend that all our wool blankets are dry cleaned.

However if you decide to wash your blankets they should be washed using the wool Program of your machine at 30°C / 40°C.  You should use washing powders that are recommended for wool and certainly don’t use biological detergents with optical brighteners.

If there is any doubt, refer to the label on the John Atkinson blanket or take to a professional cleaner

Carefully looking after your John Atkinson blanket will ensure years of trouble free sleeping.