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Euroquilt duvet, pillow & mattress topper information

Euroquilt are reknowned for supplying high quality filled products to hotels and the retail trade. In 2017 they changed their name to Dusal.


Dusal duvets are available in 100% cotton downproof Oeko-Tex compliant NOMITE Certified cases supplied in 233, 300 and 460 thread counts, which are double stitched and piped for durability and strength. The box walled construction using a 30mm internal baffle wall helps keep the fillings in place for even distribution and ensures a luxurious drape so that cold spots are minimized.

The box walled duvets come in 2 sizes; with smaller boxes (or pockets) used for lower tog duvets and the larger pockets used on 9 tog and above. The differing pocket sizes ensure the correct ratio of filling is distributed evenly throughout the duvet and ensures a full loft is achieved.

All natural Duvet’s are NOMITE and Downafresh certified and labelled

Dusal also produce a full range of synthetic duvets in Dacron Comforel, Comforel Allerban, Suprelle Tencel and Suprelle Memory, supplied in 233 or 300 thread count cases.


Natural filled pillows are made using a 300 thread count 100% cotton down-proof case which is double stitched and piped in white sateen for a truly luxurious and durable finish.

The very best of natural fillings are ethically sourced in Europe and comply with the highest standards of cleanliness. Euroquilts standard pillow sizes are 48 x 74cm, 50 x 90cm and 65 x 65cm.

Pillows are compliant to meet the 1988 fire regulations and conform to BS 5852 Ignitions source 2 as standard. All natural pillows are NOMITE and Downafresh certified and labelled.

They also manufacture a full range of synthetic pillows that are all high quality Dacron fillings including Comforel, Allerban, Suprelle Tencel, Fossflakes and Suprelle Memory and all synthetic fillings are fully Oeko-Tex certified.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are made using 233 thread count 100% FR cotton down-proof cases that are double stitched and piped with the addition of four elastic anchoring straps. The combination toppers have a dual layer cassette construction with the bottom 5cm layer filled with one blend which could be feather rich and the top 2cm layer filled with another, which is likely to be 100% pure down for maximum effect.

All natural Toppers are NOMITE and Downafresh certified and labelled.

They also manufacture a full range of synthetic toppers filled with Dacron Comforel®, Dacron Comforel Allerban®, Dacron Suprelle Tencele® and Dacron Suprelle Memory® all encased in a 100% Cotton Case.

All toppers are FR compliant to meet the 1988 Fire regulations and conform to BS 5852 Ignitions source 2 as standard.


Nomite® ensures that even allergy sufferers can use such items because the tight weave of the fabric acts as a barrier to dust mites and offers extra protection so those who suffer from house dust allergies or asthma can enjoy the natural comfort of our down and feather bedding products.


Downafresh® is a guarantee that the down and feather fillings comply with the strictest hygienic requirements, are subject to audited traceability and comply with all laws and regulations relating to animal welfare and ethics, as well as ensuring that all fillings are regularly independently tested to ensure compliance.


Oeko-Tex® ensures that all casings, fabrics, synthetic and natural fillings, meet the human-ecological requirements.

Euroquilt is a member of the European Down and Feather Association. The EDFA represents the interests of the feather-filling industry and are committed to defending consumer interests and animal welfare.

Caring for your Euroquilt purchase

Washing your duvet or pillow can be reduced by:

  • Using a pillow protector.
  • Changing quilt covers and pillowcases regularly.
  • Air your Euroquilt quilts and duvets by shaking them.
  • Leave your duvet folded back when you are not in bed.
  • Hang your natural quilt on your washing line to put freshness back into it.
  • Avoid exposure to the damp as natural quilts, duvets and pillows absorb moisture.
  • Spillage should be sponge cleaned immediately and dried thoroughly.
  • For serious soiling take your quilt or pillow to a professional cleaner who specialises in cleaning continental quilts.

It is recommend that the bedding of allergy-sufferers be washed regularly

Natural quilts wash well as the feathers and down which fill them come from waterfowl. The fillings are also pre washed before being dried and used in making quilts, duvets and pillows.  However they must be thoroughly dried. We do recommend professional laundering due to their size. However, we recommend the following if you do want to wash them yourselves.

  • Your quilt or pillow should be washed and dried in a commercial machine.
  • Nimbus quilts and pillows should be washed and dried on a low to medium heat setting.
  • Use non-biological detergent powder
  • Spin-dry to remove as much moisture as possible before tumble drying. Hanging on a washing line will not dry the filling of your Nimbus quilt or pillow sufficiently. Give your quilt or pillow a good shake to ensure that all the filling is dry.