Everyone knows that when kids appear, your sleep goes out the window. But did you also know that it’s the mothers that suffer more from interrupted sleep than fathers? In fact, with every child that they have, a woman’s interrupted sleep will increase by as much as 50%. Yet a man will have his natural sleep pattern left unaffected no matter how many children a couple have.

This news comes from new research by the Georgia Southern University in America, which says woman are disproportionality affected by parenthood in a couple. The research was an interview of 5,805 people who were all aged 45 or under. The interview asked participants about their sleeping habits and based insufficient sleep as being less than 6 hours sleep and optimal sleep being between seven and nine hours. 

Why do men sleep beter than womenFrom the collated data, there was a definite link between woman who had a poor night’s sleep and those who also had children. In fact, only 48% of those women with children reported regularly getting more than seven hours of sleep a night. This compared to the 62% of women without children who slept more than seven hours of sleep a night.

More worryingly for mothers, the data showed that with every child you had, the chance of you getting less than 6 hours sleep a night increased by 50%.

Yet, the study of 2,897 men showed absolutely no difference in the number of hours slept between men who had children and those that did not. Thus, meaning that men’s sleep is not affected by children – regardless of how many kids are in the household.

Although it’s not yet known exactly why it’s women and not men that have their sleep affected by children, there are some thoughts on the matter. For one, biological reasons may be the cause. Hormones could be playing apart in this lack of sleep, including an in-built alarm clock for breastfeeding.

Then there’s the fact that other research has shown that, in general, woman sleep far more poorly than men. With women needing to sleep longer every night in order to feel rested. Women are twice as likely to report a sleep problem than men.

Yet, it wasn’t just lack of sleep at night that young women with children reported, they also complained of feeling tired during the day too. Of course, this can be understandable with a small child totally dependent on you, but feeling tired during the day on 14 days out of the month is a large amount of time to feel tired. This compared with the 11 days of feeling tired during the day for younger women without children. So, it may be that woman are just more susceptible to feeling tired and unrested compared with men.

It was also concluded that other factors such as marital status, education and exercise were not influencing how long younger women slept at night.

A good night’s sleep is important to everyone – not just young mothers – if you feel like you are feeling tired during the day or not getting enough hours of sleep at night, then it might be time to look at your sleeping habits to see if you can improve your sleep.

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