There’s nothing better than enjoying a big dinner or indulging in a snack before bed, but you have to be careful about what you eat before bedtime as you might just find that your midnight snack will keep you up all night.

If an interrupted beauty sleep sounds bad to you then you should avoid the following foods before bed:

1: Pizza

There’s no denying that pizza is one of the most-loved foods in the UK, but it’s actually one of the worst foods you can eat in the evening. Not only is pizza covered in cheese (which has long been speculated to be a cause of bad dreams during the night), it’s the acidic tomato topping that can really disturb your sleep. Known to cause stomach aches and 1am trips to the bathroom, pizza is definitely not your best friend when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

Drink-&-Pizza-3662: Sugary Cereal

A bowl of Frosties might seem like the perfect pre-bed snack, after-all what could be so bad about a breakfast cereal? However, if you choose to snack on a particularly sugary type of cereal you might find you struggle to get to sleep. Sugar is digested quickly in the body causing a spike in your blood’s sugar levels. This spike can interfere with your body’s sleep hormones making you feel alert. Instead opt for cereal higher in fibre such as All Bran.

3: Coffee and Fizzy Drinks

It might not come as a surprise that you should coffee before bed – it’s full of brain-stimulating caffeine after-all, but many people don’t realise that fizzy drinks also contain caffeine. Glugging your way through several cans before bed will definitely disturb your sleep, especially if you prefer the regular versions that are full of sugar.

4: Alcohol

True, a few glasses of wine can make you feel sleepy, however alcohol will overall disturb your natural sleep pattern. Not only will alcohol dehydrate your body, it also causes you to urinate more meaning you’ll get woken up during the night. Plus after your 2am bathroom run you’ll find it difficult to get back to sleep with a fuzzy head.

5: Burgers

A burger and chips for your dinner is practically a dinner of fat (including saturated fat), which means your digestive system will have to work incredibly hard to deal with it. With your digestive system working overboard your sleep can get disrupted. Studies have also found that a diet with too much saturated fat is linked to lighter sleep.

6: Fat-free Salad Dressings

You could be forgiven for thinking that fat-free salad dressings are perfectly healthy for you, but actually they are a complete no-no for a healthy diet. These dressings are simply water, sugar and flavouring. The high sugar content is what will keep you awake – especially if you think a salad covered in one of these dressings is a guilt-free midnight snack.

7: Spicy Food

Spicy foods might taste good at the time, but the after-effects can be far from pleasant. Spice irritates your stomach, particularly if you are prone to heartburn, meaning you will find it difficult to both get to sleep and stay asleep. You might also have to visit the bathroom more than you would like. 

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