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The only thing worse than bad weather on your holiday, is suffering from crippling jet lag. After-all, this is a holiday that you’ve been looking forward to for months and probably been saving incredibly hard for. To lose a few days to jet lag can be devastating. Which is exactly why our tips to keep jet lag at bay are essential for anyone travelling overseas, you might just find they save your holiday.

But what is jet lag? Well our bodies are like very finetuned machines that work to a schedule where various important functions take place at designated times, known as circadian rhythms. However, when we fly these rhythms get thrown into havoc making us feel ill and exhausted. It can even raise stress levels, cause digestive problems, lack of concentration and put you off your food. But how can you stop this?

1:  Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before Your Holiday

It might seem impossible to go to bed and get a good sleep before a holiday – especially when you’re a massive mix of stressed and excited. You may even have stayed up on purpose in order to sleep on the plane. However, staying up late puts your body out of sync even before you make it on the plane and make jet lag worse. A good night’s sleep can make you better equipped to fight jet lag symptoms.

Airplane2: Avoid the Bar

Yes, that pre-flight pint or glass of wine photo is the British tradition for any holiday, but alcohol can have some awful side-effects on high altitudes including more tiredness and dehydration which can add to your jet lag woes.

3: Try Not to Arrive at Night

Arriving at your destination in daylight can really help supress jet lag, this is because staying awake when the sun is shining is far easier than when it’s dark. You’ll be keen to explore your new destination and make it easier to go to sleep at reasonable time in your new time zone.

4: Take a Stopover

If you’re going to a destination that has a time zone more than a few hours different from your own, you can consider a stop off in your journey. Not only will this stay help your body adjust more gradually, you might even save yourself some money as these airlines will probably be cheaper.

5: Don’t Use Sleeping Pills

It can be tempting when you have a long flight ahead, to simply take a sleeping pill and snooze the flight away. Yet, these won’t stop you getting jet lag, in fact they might make you feel even groggier than without them. If you can sleep naturally then that’s great, but don’t go to artificial measures to get some sleep.

6: Set Your Watch to Your New Time Zone

As soon as you get on the plane, set your watch to the time in your destination. This way you’ll be psychologically thinking of that time rather than GMT. It will set you in a better mindset for when you arrive.

7: Avoid Caffeine

When you’re feeling the effects of jet lag fatigue at the start of your holiday it can be tempting to drink coffee or energy drinks in order to feel less tired. But this is a very bad idea, the caffeine will only put off the effects of the jet lag for a small while and might actually prolong the time it takes to get over the jet lag.

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