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When was the last time you thought about treating yourself to a new bed?

For most of us, we only really think about getting a new bed if our old one breaks - which usually leaves us stuck sleeping on the mattress on the floor for a few weeks while we get around to buying a new bed.

Yet, buying a new bed shouldn’t be a stressful emergency because of a broken bed. A new bed can actually be an enjoyable and exciting purchase that will cheer up your bedroom.

Serene bed frames are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bed frames, famed for both the quality and variety in their products – they really do have a bed frame to suit every customer. All for incredibly reasonable prices.

Serene Amelia Bed FrameWooden framed beds are particularly popular at the moment. Their solid wooden frames are not only sturdy, but wood adds a modern style and glamour to a room and can be matched into your bedroom furniture.

The Serene Amelia bed frame (pictured right) is a beautiful bed frame, especially in the subtle Honey Oak tones that will add a warm glow to your bedroom. The Opal White frame is also a superb choice for a child or teenager’s room or if you have a dark room that could so with a bright lift.

The design on the Amelia frame is simple but extremely modern, with a strong headboard that will add a touch of drama to your bedroom. This frame will be perfectly matched with light or pastel colours to make for a relaxing and refreshing haven to sleep in.

If you prefer your bedroom is be more glamourous, a Serene metal frame is exactly what you’re looking for.

Bed frames don’t come much more fabulous than the Serene Jessica frame with its ornate metal design. Beautiful in both nickel and brass, this towering frame is more than enough to catch anyone’s eye when they walk into a room. Such a bold design will stand up against lots of accessories, so feel free to go mad with luxurious cushions and throws for your new bed. The end result will be worthy of a magazine.

For a slightly subtler metal bed design, the Serene Ethan frame is less ornate in its design, but still holds plenty of drama and elegance for a bedroom. Available in both black or ivory, with nickel or brass accents, this tall frame will also add height to a bedroom. Again, as a strong design, these frames will stand out against bold wall colours and metal frames are particularly good if you don’t want to match your wooden bedroom furniture to your bed. This can also be a beneficial if you like to change your bed often but don’t want the added expense of changing your furniture.

Serene also have options of those of us looking for extra storage around in our homes with their Ottoman bed frame. Not only can you store plenty of your clutter out of sight, the frame itself comes in numerous, stylish upholstered colours allowing you to personalise your room how you like.

No matter what style you’re looking for, the wide range and quality of Serene products makes them a sound product for anyone looking to update their bed.