These days you’re lucky to own your own home by the time you hit your thirties. Between high rent and the difficulty to save up a deposit, it might mean that your home doesn’t have as much space as you might like. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your bedroom look bigger than it actually is. In fact, with just a few clever tips, you can trick your brain into thinking your bedroom is wonderfully spacious:

1: Use Multifunctional Furniture

If your bedroom is quite small, the last thing you want to do is fill it with lots of furniture or clutter. Instead invest in furniture with secret storage such as an ottoman bed, a hideaway divan base or a trunk to hide away clutter like clothes and shoes.

Big-White-Bedroom2: Choose Shades over One Colour

Paint your walls, skirting and trimmings in different shades of the same colour – preferably in lighter colours. Think white, off-white, greys and even beige to create an airy, larger looking space in your room.

3: Paint or Wallpaper the Ceiling

The idea of a beige or white room might seem a bit plain and boring to some, but you can add a splash of colour and still make your room look bigger. Adding a bright colour or wallpaper to your ceiling will cause your eyes to look up and make you feel like a room is taller than it actually is.

4: Choose a Focal Piece

You might think that a small room should only be filled with small furniture, however one large statement piece of furniture can actually make your bedroom feel more open and uncluttered. Think a large headboard that will catch your eye as you walk into the room.

5: Choose your Bed Carefully

Of course, there’s a difference between choosing a statement piece and crowding your bedroom with a massive bed. Instead opt for a divan bed that will take up less room than a bed frame and match this with your statement headboard.

6: Organise Your Clutter

If you like to have lots of cushions or ornaments in your room you can still make your room look spacious by organising it through colour and height. By choosing the same colours or piling cushions to create height you will create a streamlined display rather than space-stealing mess.

7: Choose Curtains Wisely

Large, bulky curtains can instantly steal any feeling of space from your bedroom. If you can, swap curtains for blinds. This will leave more wall space making your walls look elongated. If curtains are a must try to choose lightweight, light-coloured ones to help maintain the airiness of your bedroom.

8: Mirrors

Mirrors will instantly make your bedroom look bigger. Go for either a large statement mirror or multiple, smaller mirrors across your walls to reflect light into your room and make the space look larger.

9: Choose a Light Flooring

Dark mahogany floors might look beautiful, but they will make a small room look even smaller. Instead choose to either paint floorboards a light colour or opt for a beige carpet. You could even go for a striped rug or carpet to elongate your room.

10: High Shelves

Adding shelves close to the ceiling will, like a coloured ceiling, draw your eyes towards the ceiling. Use your shelf space to keep bulk items like your books – just be careful when try to get one down. 

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