There’s no denying it – Christmas is just around the corner. You’ll need presents, food and drink and of course there’s the prospect of battling the spiders in the loft to find the Christmas decorations. But there’s one Christmas preparation that you can do that’s very simple. That is, making your living room look amazing before all your relatives descend! Here are our top 8 ways to make your living room gorgeous this Christmas:

1: Give it a fresh coat of paint

Nothing freshens up a room like a paint job. Get your glossed doors repainted, the ceiling done and choose a nice warming colour for your walls. Think cranberry, orange and reds for a true winter feel.

2: Use the mirror trick

A mirror on the wall is a classic trick used by interior designers to make a room look bigger. Our Jual Curve Walnut Console mirror above a fireplace will instantly make your living room look larger and more spacious.

Jual-Curve-Walnut-Room-Set3: Get your sofas cleaned

Getting in a professional to get your sofas cleaned is a great way to make your sofa look like new without the need to buy a new one. A good deep steam clean of your upholstery will give your sofa that wonderful new sofa smell – just ready for all your guests to spill mulled wine and mince pie crumbs on…

4: That goes for your floor too

It’s not just your sofas that need a good steam in time for Santa coming – get the carpets done too! It’s amazing to see before and after pictures of carpets being cleaned and it will be much cheaper than a new one.

5: You need a coffee table

With all these guests coming round and that lovely clean carpet you’re going to need a fabulous coffee table on which to put snacks and drinks. Impress your family with one of the gorgeous Jual Curve coffee tables that are available in a range of styles and sizes.

6: Get your furniture matching

We all have that picky relative that can spot a speck of dust from a mile away and criticizes all your décor. Well this year why don’t you flabbergast your relatives with a new furniture set? Add to your new Jual mirror and coffee table with a TV stand, nest of tables and even a display unit. You’ll be able to display all the hideous ornaments relatives have given you over the years!

7: Change up your accessories

Some new accessories such as vases, rugs or paintings will really change the look of your room without much effort. Just like your walls go for warming winter colours. You can even add some novelty with Christmas additions. Wooden stags the moose are very popular at the moment and will add some Christmas glamour.

8: Scented candles

Now you might think the world has gone scented candle mad but there’s no denying the ambiance that they create in a room. Cover up that burned Brussels sprout smell with a Christmassy gingerbread candle.