Buying a bed for your child is an incredibly daunting task.

You want to make sure that any kids bed you buy will not only withstand grubby fingers and lots of jumping, but you also want it tol provide a safe sleeping environment for your child. Of course, your family and friends will no doubt throw lots of advice at you, however this is liable to confuse you even more. What you need is some simple, no-nonsense advice.

What size of bed?

Although many parents think buying a full-size double bed is a good idea – after-all your child will grow into it. This is not always the best option for your young child. A single bed offers a cosier environment for your child. A large bed offers a lot of wide-open space that can be daunting for a child, whereas a single bed has a more appealing level of space that will last your child well into their teenage years.

A single bed will also leave your child plenty of floor space to play and exert their imagination. It’s no fun filling your child’s play space with a large bed that they don’t need.

What kind of bed?

Julian Bowen Barcelona Bunk With Stopover UnderbedKids LOVE bunk beds, but keep in mind that a top bunk is at a high height so caution must be used if you fear your child might fall. The Julian Bowen Barcelona bunk bed (pictured) is a good sturdy option and comes in pine or a white painted finish. Cabin beds are a really good compromise for a child who would like a bunk bed as they still have height without being too high. You can also get these beds with a roll-out single bed meaning your child can still have all the sleepovers they desire. Birlea, Julian Bowen and Relyon have a great range of guest beds with underbed trundles in metal and wood finishes.

You should try to keep away from theme beds. As amazing as they look, kids grow out of their obsession so quickly. You don’t want to be wasting money on a bed that your child will only like for a few months. It should also be kept in mind that some theme beds might not be suitable for young children if they have small parts on them.

What material should you choose?

The material that you choose for your child’s bed is incredibly important to that bed’s longevity. For instance, fabric might look nice but it’s not the most sensible around children. Fabric is harder to clean mucky hand prints and felt tip pens.

Metal beds are becoming more popular with parents due to their modern design and unisex appeal. Unlike upholstered beds metal beds can easily be wiped clean and are generally durable. Remember to check metal beds for under bed support – especially if your child loves to jump on their bed. Too much wear and tear on metal beds can lead to the metal bending if it’s not high quality.

By far the most popular type of bed for children is the classic wooden bed. Wood is very durable when it comes to children – plus it’s also easy to clean which is a great bonus! By investing in a good quality wooden bed your investment will result in a bed that will last you years to come. Wooden beds also have a cosy feel to them. When creating your child’s bedroom you want to create a peaceful environment for your child to sleep in, a wooden bed will certainly add to this.

Ultimately you want to get a bed that you like and your child wants to sleep in. After-all, this bed is where your child will grow into the scientists, police, doctors and teachers of the future!