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It seems that there’s a new, and often rather bizarre, invention that should make our lives easier – usually for an extortionate price tag – getting released every other day. The latest in these daft designs is none other than the 360 Smart Bed, a bed that has more features than the latest smartphones.

The most prominent of these features is the 360 Smart Bed’s promise that it will stop all those bedroom arguments over snoring as the bed will actually detect if a person is snoring and make you stop. The bed does this by monitoring your sleeping patterns and will automatically move your sleeping position. For instance, if one of you is snoring, the bed will lift your head to clear your airwaves and hopefully stop you from snoring.

Hypnos-Orthocare-10-Mattress-400Other features of the bed include a silent alarm that will wake you up gently, app integration to monitor sleep patterns, bed adjustment during the night to ensure you’re comfortable at all times and heating to keep your feet warm. Pretty much a gadget-lover’s dream, but is it suitable for the rest of us?

Well first of all, there is no sale date or price associated with the bed as of yet, however it is highly likely that this bed will be at a very high, premium price. Far more than most people will be able to afford unless they’re an A-list actress or premier league footballer.

You also have to consider that this is brand new technology, and therefore it’s highly likely than this technology could have teething problems and even break down. The last thing you want is a bed you’ve spent thousands upon thousands of pounds on to break down after just a month. Then how will you sleep well?

Well, it’s incredibly easy to get yourself an amazing night’s sleep without the need to resort to a gadget bed or without breaking the bank. All you need to do is invest in a good-quality, affordable mattress that will keep you sound asleep for years to come.

You see, you don’t need silly gadgets to sleep well at night, you just need to understand what you need from a mattress for your own body. There is a mattress out there for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you need an orthocare mattress for a bad back, an adjustable mattress or you’re just looking for luxury. All you need to is to do a little research of your needs and you’ll soon find a mattress type to match – or visit the Big Brand Beds showroom at Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AD where someone will happily find your perfect match.

Then, if snoring is your issue, or indeed your partner’s issue, there are many other ways in order to stop yourself snoring including nose strips, mouth guards, losing weight and even propping your head up with a pillow. All of which you can get for a fraction of the price.

Don’t be fooled by a gadget bed, it might look fun and modern on paper but your money can be better spent elsewhere. Instead invest in a great mattress – you’ll probably have enough left over for a holiday!