For a species that likes to be solitary, it might seem weird that we share our beds every night. Which is probably why we have such bad bedroom manners – no wonder our partners get so annoyed with us. So how can you improve your bedroom-etiquette?

1: Choose a Side!

Yes, cuddling is adorable. But when you have a hard day at work the next day, you’re both going to want to get a great night’s sleep. Instead, you should both pick a side of the bed that’s yours. That way you can have the number and type of pillow you like, less/more blankets depending on how hot or cold you tend to be. It also means you have your own personal space in bed. Come lights out you can both roll into your own side and comfortably drift off.

Couple-in-Bed2: Be Aware of Space

In every relationship there is one person who likes to hog the covers and starfish in the bed, but if you want to keep your relationship happy, then it’s essential that you get your greedy bedroom habits under control. This means that no matter how chilly you are, you cannot simply reach over and steal your partner’s duvet to snuggle into. Nor should you stretch into their space if they nip to the toilet. Instead, invest in a bigger bed and spare blankets. Manufacturers like Hypnos, Relyon, Sealy and Silentnight all make king size (150cm) and super king size beds (180cm) now.

3: Don’t Bring Your Baggage

Your husband or wife might love their pet to bits, but that doesn’t mean you need to share a bed with them. A kitten or puppy start-off cute and small in your bed, but if you continue to let them sleep there then you’ll soon find that they become a big, fluffy lump between your partner and yourself. Instead be firm with each other and invest in a pet bed.

4: Don’t Start a Conversation

Yes, it’s lovely that you want to have a conversation but your bed is neither the time nor the place. Your bed should be for relaxing and getting ready to drift off – not for heavy debates on the news or for stress-chats about work. Try to keep these conversations for over dinner if you want to get to sleep anytime soon.

5: Snack in the Kitchen, Not the Bedroom

If there’s one thing that is going to seriously annoy your partner is if they jump into bed to find their side covered in crumbs. Crumbs are scratchy, disgusting and just plain rude. Even worse is when your partner decides to snack while you’re actually in the bed. There you are, trying to drift off, when a cascade of chocolate digestive crumbs hit you on the head. No, definitely keep your midnight snacks to the kitchen.

6: Be Supportive of Each Other’s Quirks

No one is perfect, and it’s not always possible for us to change our nightly habits. Whether that be snoring, talking in our sleep or even moving a lot during the night – try to improve them as much as you can but keep in mind that these are unlikely to disappear completely. Instead think of it as one of your partner’s delightful little quirks. 

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